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  • Topic: Distillation.

  • Is distilled water safe to drink?

  • How would I know?

  • Am I a detective?

  • Alright, Alright.

  • I will answer it.

  • Distilled water is obtained from distillation.

  • In distillation, the impure water is first heated, thus converting water to vapor.

  • Then this vapor is condensed by cooling, hence converting vapor back to liquid water.

  • By this process, the impurities remain behind, giving us pure distilled water.

  • Now, even though distilled water is pure.

  • Some doctors say that we should not drink it for a prolonged period of time.

  • So, can I take a bath with it?

  • I haven't bathed since last Sunday.

  • Gross.

  • You are just impossible.

  • It is generally recommended to avoid drinking distilled water for a long period because along with the impurities.

  • The minerals required for the proper growth of our body are left behind during distillation.

Topic: Distillation.


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蒸留水は飲んでも大丈夫?| 蒸留水は飲んでも大丈夫? (Is distilled water safe to drink? | #aumsum)

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