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Hello, my name is Nael and I'm a SSI Divemaster and a PADI Rescue Diver and I've been diving since I was 10 years old
Today I want to talk about how great diving can be for kids and talk a little bit about the
specifications of diving as a kid.
So if you're a parent or someone who wants to know what diving is like for a child
stick around
bubble noise
So first of all being in the water and scuba diving from your young age has told me how to
Be comfortable in the water very quick.
You might know that children learn quicker than adults because they don't fear anything
So they don't have any apprehension
So they learn very quick how to be comfortable in the water and how to just have fun and learn new things
So for example, I learned diving position and the right way to breathe underwater very quick.
I do always remember being able to do and one hour dive
100 bars left on my tank. So that was pretty good.
Also, I know that a lot of diver of fear
removing the reg or the mask, but since I learned from a
Playful point of view I absolutely don't fear that
This was a very great family activity to do
my sister trained at the same time as me and my dad
trained for open water
One year after I had mine, so we just booked diving vacation altogether
My mom was not a great a big fan
She told me that because we were learning so fast, she didn't want to slow us down
I wonder if today she would like to train with me maybe hi mom
But basically we went to Caribbean we went to Brittany
Which is a part of France
we went to malta together as a diving
destination and it was pretty great to share that passion with my family
it also
taught me a lot of things about
biology and environmental issues
Today, this is a big
challenge and think that scuba-diving
Give you another point of view on how this is important
as a child you... the fact that you know that and that
You know the impact that we can have on the marine biodiversity is really great.
A an adult today
I try to choose eco friendly solutions, be a little bit zero waste.
And that I think has been
Enforced by the fact that I am a scuba diver and that I have been sensibilized to that from a very young age
I also am a chemist. So I have been more passionate about chemistry and physics
Also due to the diving part... the more scientific part of the diving such as Henry's law and the gas laws
Seeing the direct application of math and physics are something they like from day to day.
The main drawback
We can tell today and the main
consideration that you have to take is that we don't really know what the effect of
Pressure and diving would be on any growing organism such as child.
So you might want to
Have a bit more checkups with your GP or your doctor about that.
In any case you should have a medical consultation
once a year with your doctor about scuba diving
I don't know what the laws are on your country
but in France
You do need a medical certificate to be able to go diving and that is a thing that I think
Should be enforced in child may be a bit more.
I've never had any issue growing up
So I'm very lucky on that part and don't think pressure did anything on my body.
But we don't really know what can happen.
If you're a teacher or an instructor
Teaching to a child is not the time thing that teaching to an adult.
I would recommend you to go on a playful way
I mean even adults a playful way is great
but a child would be
More comfortable in the water if you have things to play with.
You can see on my last video, I still have that playful mind
When I go in the water, and I think is pretty great from my instructor to have taught me
the playful way of dive from the very beginning.
And another consideration is the gear
Equipment for a child is not the same thing as an adult.
I am still a
Small size human. I still use child equipment for my gloves BCD mask hood
So make sure that the dive center you are going to will have the proper equipment
I remember one time my sister forgot her suit and had to dive with mine and it was too big for her and she was frozen
The well-being of a child really depend on the proper equipment.
Even if it can be a little bit expensive
To buy gear for child is going to grow up
Renting is a good option
I always say that you need to rent your equipment before buying one because you need to try different things
Same goes for a child.
I bought my first suit when I was
16 I guess I still have it
then when I stopped completely growing up.
I started buying more equipment
So these are all my reason and recommendation for you to start diving as a child
If you are considering diving with your child, I highly highly recommend it
I have a lot of memories with my dad diving
and sibling make the best dive buddies because
You grew up with them and you know all the signals you can invent your own signals
So if you have any other question, leave them down below.
I'll be very happy to answer them.
Feel free to share the video with
Diver parents who is willing to share his passion with their child
or if you are a child show that to your parents
So that they take you diving with you, and I hope to see you next time. Bye
bubble sounds


Diving as a Child | Crazydivers

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