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Topic: Eyes
Why do we have two eyes instead of one?
You don't know?
To understand this better, close your right eye.
Now, are you able to see the table kept on your right side?
You are not able to see it, right?
Let me tell you why.
Both our eyes work together and help us to see, judge and perceive a view accurately.
Having two eyes provides us with a wider field of view.
When both our eyes are open, we get a horizontal field of view of about 180 degrees.
However, with only one eye open, we get a horizontal field of view of only around 150 degrees.
We are unable to view around 20 to 30 degrees.
Hence, we were not able to see the table when our one eye was closed.
Did you know that our eyes see the same object from a slightly different angle?
You don't believe me?
Look at this object.
Both your eyes see the object like this.
Now, when you see only with your left eye, the object will look like this.
While, when you see only with your right eye, the object will look like this.
Our eyes send these two slightly different images to the brain.
The brain blends or combines both the images to make a three dimensional image of the object.
But what is the use of a three-dimensional image?
A three dimensional image helps us to understand how far or how near an object is from us.
Facilitating better depth or distance perception.
This means having two eyes enables us to judge the distance of the object.
Or the depth at which the object is placed from us.
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Why do we have two eyes instead of one? | #aumsum

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