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  • Topic: Lunar Eclipse.

  • Why does the moon turn red?

  • To scare us.

  • No.

  • Moon does not have light of its own.

  • Why?

  • Didn't he pay the electricity bill.

  • Please listen.

  • Sunlight or white light is a mixture of visible colors.

  • Now, when the sunlight falls on the moon, it reflects all these visible colors equally.

  • Making the moon to mostly appear white.

  • However, during a lunar eclipse when the earth is exactly between the sun and the moon, the moon appears red.

  • This happens because of the earth's atmosphere.

  • When the sunlight coming from the sun passes through the earth's atmosphere.

  • The earth's atmosphere scatters the colors of the sunlight having shorter wavelengths.

  • However, red color which has the longest wavelength is least scattered.

  • Hence, it makes its way to the moon, making it look red.

Topic: Lunar Eclipse.


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月食 - 月が赤くなるのはなぜ?| 月食|#aumsum (Lunar Eclipse - Why does the moon turn red? | #aumsum)

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