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hello we are Joel & Lia and this is
10 things that British people hate about

so recently Joel came across an article in The Independent

online and it was all about the 10 worst
things Brits hate about themselves and he

sent it to me immediately and we were
both kind of like do we agree with this

but we want to talk about it online yeah
so Brits were given 10 statements that

are basically stereotypes about British
people and they were asked whether they

agree or not so some of these ones we're
going to discuss British people don't

really agree that we're like this but it is
still a stereotype and the others we

do agree that we are like this yeah
there's so many I disagree with but

we'll get into that in the video! Okay, shall we start with the
first one? yeah so the first one's quite

obvious and that's because 42% of Brits
agree that we drink too much alcohol

yeah so we made a video on this actually
on our channel all about British

drinking culture and how it's so much a
part of who we are, it's like

you know in the pub going out for
drinks drinks drinks drinks yeah and

yeah no I do agree with that one I think
it's a mindset in the UK we don't see

alcohol as being damaging no we see
stuff like meat being damaging. Yeah, not all Brits but I think a lot of people

are like waking up to the awareness of
meat and being like "woah, this is really not good for our bodies" but then we just drink loads on weekends!

It's like when you meet vegans that smoke and you're like it
just doesn't ring true yeah coz you're like

you care about the planet and stuff or
you're like carcinogens into your body! yeah it's

weird yeah we do drink too much not us
not us! We're such lightweights three

drinks and we're gone and we're like on the floor, "hangover!" so 37 percent of
Brits agreed with this that Brits are

ignorant of other cultures I can't say I
don't agree I think it's more funny that

63% of Brits disagree that we're
ignorant of other cultures because we so

are definitely are we go on holiday and
we just assume everyone's gonna

speak English to us 100%, yeah we
only speak English which pisses off

other countries being like "why are you just
speaking English to me you've come to my

country?" yeah I've been around like a
dinner table where you've got people

from everywhere
and like this person speaks four

languages, this person speaks "blabla"
and then like goes over to the British

people like guessing you only speak one?
And you're like "yeah" I think it's an arrogance

that comes with the country though I do
think Brits can be quite arrogant

because we're just taught that like
we're amazing we're like the best

country in the world like, I don't think we'ev ever been
taught that but we've spoken about this in another video

No one's explicitly said it because this
country isn't that patriotic. Imagine if

teachers were like "you are amazing!" but I think comes
with the history of like the British

Empire we used to rule the whole world
pretty much and like it comes

with like well of course you'd speak
English why would we speak your language

yeah old people that are like "we deserve this!". 27% of Brits agree that
we complain too much and when

Joel sent it to me I was like we don't and
you were like hun we literally complain

all the time the other day we had the
worst day and literally we spent about

14 hours together and literally the
whole day we were both complaining

complaining complaining at each other it
didn't bring either of us any further down because

we couldn't have been any lower that day, no and it
just bonded us even more over how much

we were moaning. I love moaning with people, me too! Yeah we do moan a lot, it's a dark pleasure to want to
moan together
yeah we like indulge in each other's

moaning yeah I just realised that in
another video

loads of American viewers were like "I
can't believe you say the word moan for

like what's it, complaining". Oh you're joking! Coz moan to them is like .... moan here is like complain!
Cut! So 22% of Brits agree
that we are intolerant to other sections

of society which i think means that like
we're in this section

like for example we're like white
middle-class millennials and we're intolerant

of like someone in a different section
'intolerant' like literally I'm allergic

to you, almost! yeah yeah unfortunately loads of
Brits are yeah completely and socially

intolerant to other people that don't
fit into their norm

definitely especially the one I can
think of the most

at the moment is age there is such a huge gap
in our country at the moment between

Millennials and like baby boomers and
like the next generation up. "baby boomers" I love that word "baby boomers"

but everyone hates on Millennials and says that we're
selfish self-absorbed all these things

and I think and we think that they are
selfish and like privileged and all

these things so I think there's a big
intolerance between generations at the

moment that's amazing... well that's an amazing point that's what I meant, obviously it'd be
great if there wasn't and similarly with

class like we said at the beginning
just people that are from one section

one pocket of society that are just
unable to merge

with other... you know, I live in a London townhouse
across the road are a big block of council

flats the people on this side of the
road do not speak to people on this side of the road

I don't know why if I see
someone at the bus stop I'll say hello. If they say hello to me, I don't just say hello to people "hello! I live on this side, you're on the poor side sorry"

but you know I've noticed that and I do agree
yeah 19% of Brits agree that

British people are lazy I completely
disagree I wouldn't necessarily say

we're not lazy I just don't think we're
any more lazy than any other country

yeah I think this might come from like
when you hear about Brits not wanting to

take other jobs like car washing, jobs
you know you never really meet

a British barista anymore at a coffee shop we
don't want those jobs and that

probably.... because my bathroom's being
redone at the moment for like five days

we've had builders in and they're Polish
and they're great and my flatmate said

to me the other day he was like "I
really like them like they work so hard

they've got such good work ethic" and I
was thinking yeah you're meaning

like as opposed to Brits who'd just be
lazy and just be like "I'll do it when I want"

There are still some British people doing these
jobs yeah but there's just been like an

influx in eastern Europeans
taking on these jobs and doing them

really well yeah like my mum won't let
anyone else

clean that car other than eastern Europeans! yeah they're amazing. They are good.
so if any of you are watching from

Eastern Europe you are very good at
working hard. I find that SO uncomfortable, I know, same! "You do a fantastic job" but that's what I hate about

Brits when they say that about other cultures
" oh they work hard"

yeah I'm just like ..... "Maria in Costa Coffee you make a fantastic Soya Latte"
thank you yeah my cleaners Bulgarian and she's fantastic
yeah so I guess Brits in that sense, they're
lazy in terms of like getting your hands dirty

and getting down to the graft of it yeah
18% of Brits believe that we have bad

eating habits I don't know that that's
true. What does that mean? For me what that means is eating on

the go not preparing meals not being
bothered to an extent I do agree think

about whenever you're overseas and I dunno with you it's kind of America, even worse
but like if I'm in like Greece or
Cyprus or France it's big salads it's big

healthy nourishing food yeah think about the crap we eat in London so many carbs and our
staple is potatoes that's our thing and
bread bread and potatoes that's pretty much it

i don't think we eat well and I think a lot of people don't know
how to eat well yeah and there's not a

lot of education on eating good foods here. Also what highlighted this to me I
think is the KFC shortage we had a
chicken shortage here in the UK

loads of KFC branches shut down and in the US apparently well I didn't realise
how much people went mental for it in
the UK there was people being interviewed on

news in tears being angry being like
"I've come for my chicken and I can't get

it" and then people were paying hundreds
of pounds for like chicken that they

could get ahold of and I was like does it mean that much to you
that you're like oh because KFC to us is
like a treat if it's closed we'd be like

okay well who cares but to these people
it was like I need this chicken from KFC

unbelievable it could have been a stunt. we should
try that we won't post any videos the

no one would care "we need Joel & Lia!". The next one is being pessimistic
so 17% of Brits agree that we are

pessimistic rather than optimistic so I
guess that's kind of like they complain

too much but I guess is saying something
more about our characteristic like we

are pessimistic yeah
is the glass half full or half empty

half empty, yeah I agree with that yeah we are and
that's why you see so many of us trying to

like be optimistic it's like
changing your DNA, coz it's easier to be a pessimist

than it is .... it's harder to be an optimist
yeah it is unless you are just programmed a

different way and I think its the weather
I think we lived in a sunny weather. "and i'll tell ya what it is, if it was sunny we'd all be happy"

If it was sunny we'd be happy, there'd be no argument. Think how happy we are when we go on
holiday Brits abroad go mental we love

going on a holidays somewhere hot, so much booze. yeah, onto the next one. so 14% of Brits
agree that we are too rude

we've done another video on
this about are Brits rude, we'll link it

in the cards above and the description
it's a difficult one. I disagree. I think we're extremely polite. and then rude

privately yeah
passive-aggressive yeah we're nice to

your face just not behind your back
11% of Brits agree that we are too

nationalistic so that's not actually much, 11% is not a lot. And I disagree as well
I'm part of the, what is that...99 percent eighty eight percent yeah must be 88%, no
eighty nine percent

oh that's it maths everyone! 89%
I'm with the 89% that think that's wrong. again like we just

said earlier in the video like we're not
brought up to be that patriotic in

schools like in America you have to
apparently like in classrooms stand up

and sing the national anthem with your
hand on your heart like I couldn't tell

you what the national anthem I don't
even know the lyrics

I think it's God say God Save the Queen
but I have no idea how it goes we don't

know... that's another video Brits attempt the
national anthem after never hearing it
but again on our video with a British

citizenship test that we did terribly at
people were like I can't believe you don't

know your own country and it's like we're not
taught really these things

no we're not. people are just subtly like
"Britain's great, okay that's all you need to know"

yeah we don't have a class in school
that's "Britain" no the last one is 8% of

people agree that Brits have bad teeth
which again 92 percent disagree we would

disagree have you seen our teeth? neither
of us have had braces

Brits do have good teeth and I don't
know where that stereotype comes from

yeah that one can be ruled out they're
probably just looking for another one to

finish off the quiz yeah hope you
enjoyed that I think Brits there are

many negative qualities to Brits that we
don't tend to talk about oh yeah so there's a few of them for you! There you go. If you

did enjoy the video guys please leave us
a comment below and leave us a thumbs up

love a bit of thumbs up! yeah we've also
just started a KoFi page so if you'd

like to buy us a coffee just as a you
know a little tip to keep us going

through the edits of these videos then we'll link that below, to keep our teeth black buy us a coffee.
thank you so much again and we'll see

you next time bye


10 Worst Things About British People!

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