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  • Alright, so, everybody wants to be a rapper nowadays.


  • But one thing that a lot of people don't know is how the rapper became the most popular part of the hip hop culture.


  • In the early days of hip hop culture, the focus was the DJ.


  • And to introduce the DJ, the MC was the sidekick, or the rapper.

    MC は DJ を紹介する助手またはラッパーでした。

  • But in the early days, they just called him an MC, master of ceremony.


  • And so they would come out and hype the crowd up to prepare for the man or woman of the hour.


  • So when the MC would come out, the goal would be to get the crowd engaged, so the MC found creative ways to put the words together that would prepare the crowd for the DJ.

    MC の狙いは観客の注意を引くことですから、彼らはDJのために場を盛り上げるために、創造的な方法で文字を組み合わせました。

  • Through that evolution, MCs started to battle each other in the way that they would introduce the DJ.

    それから、MC は DJ を紹介の仕方で互いに競い始めました。

  • And to a point that the portion of time that the MC had on stage began to get larger and larger until nowthey were doing long verses or long sets.

    ある時期に、MC がステージにいる時間がますます長くなり、彼らは今でも長い節をやり続けています。

  • And producers began to try to figure out, "How do I get this experience, this jam, this party on a record?"


  • And you just couldn't capture the whole record, so they focused on the time that the MC was on there, because there was a communication that was happening.

    しかし、全てを記録することができなったので、彼らは MC がいた時間に焦点を当てました。なぜなら、お互いに話し合っている感じがしたからです。

  • So, in the early 70s, a group by the name of The Sugar Hill Gang⏤a group of MCsmade a record called "Rapper's Delight".

    そして、70 年代初頭に、シュガーヒル・ギャングという MC のグループが「Rapper's Delight」と名付けたレコードを作りました。

  • And "Rapper's Delight" was the one of the first times the commerce was introduced in hip hop.

    「Rapper's Delight」により、ヒップホップは初めて商業化されました。

  • And that is how the rapper began to be the focal point of hip hop.


Alright, so, everybody wants to be a rapper nowadays.


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2分で分かる!ラップの誕生秘話と歴史(History of Rap | Rap Music)

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