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  • Hello!

  • Welcome to another Smiling Colors video!

  • This is Smitha here today sharing a Brush lettering Compilation video.

  • In this video I hand letter many short quotes and positive phrases using brush pens.

  • What you will need: Today I will be showing examples of brush lettering, and I am using

  • the Tombow Dual Brush pens.

  • I am part of the Tombow design team and I have all 96 colors of the pens, but really

  • to start off you don't need all the colors.

  • You can start with just 10 pens and my favorite is this set with the BRIGHT colors.

  • Each of these pens have the brush tip that is necessary to do brush lettering.

  • It is important to set yourself up with good supplies.

  • When you begin with quality supplies you results are so much better!

  • With my dual brush pens today, I am using a Mixed media sketchbook.

  • I love this particular book- it has a nice spiral binding and is a combat 5.5 by 8.5

  • inches.

  • I do watercoloring, lettering, and marker art in this sketchbook mainly.

  • The paper you use with your brush pens must be smooth and I strongly suggest that you

  • go read my new blog post where I talk more about the different supplies and papers you

  • can use while using these brush pens.

  • In brush lettering your main aim is to create thick downstrokes by adding pressure to the

  • brush tip of your pen and you let go of that pressure on your upstrokes to achieve those

  • thin strokes.

  • The dramatic contrast between the thick and thin lines is what makes modern calligraphy

  • so pretty and eye catching.

  • I started brush lettering more than a year ago and I'll share a secret with you- it

  • takes practice and practice alone to get better at your brush lettering.

  • Someone asked me the other day if I took a class or learnt this anywhere.

  • No, I'm self taught and I learnt by making a lot of mistakes.

  • Trial and error for the win!

  • While lettering, you don't always have to write your quote from the top down.

  • Like here, I am letteringBe your best selfand as you saw I started in the center

  • of the page and am working from there.

  • I went and made the letters of the word BE much larger here to align with the words below.

  • In this example here, I started similarly in the middle of the page and then since I

  • needed to fit a longer word at the top, I switched from the brush tip to the marker

  • tip to create a thin font style.

  • It is pretty neat that these Dual Brush pens come with both the marker and brush tips.

  • I often mix and match font styles while lettering a larger phrase or quote.

  • I used an all capital chunky style in one line and then a script like font on the next

  • line.

  • There are many fun font styles that you can try out and there are many free printable

  • available online that you can print and practice with.

  • I will link to a few of my favorites in my blog post.

  • For this particular quote, I took a few extra minutes to make it colorful and rainbow themed.

  • I used the blender pen to pick colors off of a blending palette to create softer shades

  • of the bright colored markers.

  • This is a great way to stretch your supplies and use your bright colored pens to create

  • pastel tones.

  • That's why I love that blender pen!

  • See more videos of this blender pen in action by clicking up here.

  • For me brush lettering is not just about the style of lettering, it is also a lot about

  • the words.

  • Simply sitting down with for a few minutes with my pen and paper and writing down some

  • positive thankful words changes my perspective of the day.

  • So that's my tip here: write it down.

  • This Handmade with love is one of my favorite letterings.

  • The orange color is a favorite of mine and I have used it over and over.

  • After many uses you might see that the brush tip starts to fray.

  • Frayed brush tips make it difficult to draw those thin upstrokes.

  • There are ways you can prevent your brush pens from fraying quickly.

  • The number one thing you need to pay attention to is the paper you are using.

  • The smoother the paper the more you will enjoy your lettering time and less you will end

  • up fraying your brush pen.

  • I list a bunch of my favorite sketchbooks and paper pads on my blog and if you are interested

  • you can find all of that information and links on my website

  • If you liked this video, leave me a comment, share and and give it a thumbs up please!

  • Also let me know if you want me to do a video showing some brush lettering basics.

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  • to watch more videos using my Tombows.

  • Hope you have a great day and get creating!



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