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  • Almighty God! Please give me confidence and strength.

  • No matter how they torture me,

  • I'm willing to firmly stand to witness for You.

  • Comrades, you know,

  • Central Committee has issued secret documents,

  • ordering the governments to ban Eastern Lightning as soon as possible.

  • Believers of God do not break the law or commit crimes.

  • What right do you have to interrogate me like a criminal?

  • It's because The Church of Almighty God is growing too fast

  • and impacting too many people.

  • You still keep spreading the word of Almighty God,

  • shocking the whole religious community.

  • Don't you know that the Communist Party will find ways to repress and restrict you?

  • The Constitution provides for freedom of belief.

  • Why don't you act according to it?

  • Religious freedom mentioned in the Constitution is only a display for foreigners,

  • a means to consolidate political power and enhance international influence.

  • Once we capture you believers of God,

  • we can push you around and interrogate you whatever way we want.

  • In fact, that's the job we've been given.

  • God, I feel a bitter hatred for Satan.

  • It doesn't matter how they torture me, I only choose the truth.

  • I will stand on Your side!

  • Do you know how many Christians have suffered in prison and died there?

  • Do you know how many Christians have been killed, their families shattered?

  • No one can defy the Communist Party!

  • Why must the Communist Party suppress religious beliefs?

  • Why are Christians being treated as criminals of the state?

  • Why the repression and persecution even torture and death?

  • You are not following international law.

  • The Communist Party is atheist while you believers of God are not.

  • The Communist Party and believers of God are simply enemies.

  • When the Communist Party ascends to power,

  • it will ban and eliminate all religions.

  • It will establish a godless domain

  • that will ensure its permanent rule in China!

  • Why is the Communist Party obsessed with controlling and dominating mankind?

  • The Communist Party is fighting with God over mankind!

  • Its actions are perverse and offensive to Heaven.

  • One way or another, we need to pry open her mouth.

  • You should consider your time with us as hell on earth.

  • You better tell me everything if you want to stay alive.

  • God, whether I am dead or alive, I look up and give myself to You.

  • I'd rather die than submit to Satan!

  • We've learned something this time.

  • It is amazing how God's word makes these people so loyal.

  • Could it really be true that Almighty God's word is so powerful?

  • Almighty God's word is the truth; it is the true light.

  • Through God's word, man can prevail over any dark force.

Almighty God! Please give me confidence and strength.


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