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  • My name's Evan Gregory, I'm one of the Gregory Brothers

    グレゴリーブラザーズの エヴァンです

  • and we have a YouTube channel called schmoyoho.


  • I think our channel has worked because


  • people love the music, they love our sense of humour

    僕らの音楽やユーモアだけでなく 目新しさも理由だと思います

  • and there's something novel about what we make

    大切なのは まず僕ら自身が楽しめることです

  • and if we made each other laugh, our audience is gonna like it.


  • I think it's important for creators to evolve their content.


  • I think you can have a very successful year, two years, even three on YouTube

    ひとつの分野で抜き出ていれば 長くて3年ぐらいはそれでやっていけますが

  • doing one thing and doing it well.

    最後は自分 もしくはファンが飽きてしまいます

  • Eventually, either you will tire of it or your fans will tire of it.

    実際にやるかは別として 次に何をするかを常に考えましょう

  • You should always be thinking about what the next thing is.

    変化のタイミングは いろいろな基準で決めてきました

  • Even if you don't choose to do that next thing

    統計情報も見ますが 常に確認しているわけではありません

  • be thinking about what it might be.


  • So, when is the right time to make a change?

    それでは視聴者が好むものを 反復しすぎてしまう可能性があります

  • We've done it based on many different variables over the years.


  • We definitely look at metrics to a degree.

    新しい動画のハイライトを表示すると 次の動画もすぐに視聴されることです

  • Generally, we aren't in our metrics every day or every week

    昨年は個々の動画、シリーズ動画ともに クリック率の向上に力を入れました

  • like I think some channels are.

    「視聴回数を気にする必要はあるのか」 と 自問してみることも大事です

  • And I think at times, that can make a channel too repetitive

    他人からの評価でなく 自分で創造したものから満足を得られないとね

  • it's like, "OK, we know our fans like this

    でもデータとして ざっくりコメントを分析すれば

  • "so we're gonna make it again and again."

    新しい動画が人気か わかります

  • We watch those end screen numbers pretty closely.


  • And we saw that people were much more likely to click

    視聴者が求めていること 僕たちがやりたいこと

  • and then go watch another video

    新しいメディアか 新しいタイプの動画か

  • if we presented the catchiest part of that new video

    これらのバランスを取ることで 長く続けてこられたのだと思います

  • rather than dwelling in the happiness of the video they had just watched.

    年に1回 翌年の方針を話し合います

  • And we've been really focused in the last year on CTR

    何を作るかに関する 創造的かつビジネス的な議論です

  • which is click-through rate

    成功には 良いコンテンツが必要です

  • for certainly individual videos, but also series of videos.

    毎週やっても嫌にならない やりたいことを見つけましょう

  • But I think it's important to, at times, just sit back and say

    自分らしさがあるものなら 新しいことでも視聴者は理解してくれます

  • "Why should I care that this got 100,000 views instead of 300,000 views?"

    新しくても楽しめるもの それを視聴者は期待しています

  • You have to be able to get some satisfaction from your own creative fulfilment

    膨大な数の動画を視聴でき 優れたクリエイターも星の数ほどいる

  • and not just from external likes, from external comments.

    人気が上下するのは まったく自然なことです

  • But also, just look at your comments

    熱心なファンが好きなものを 理解し それを提供できれば

  • as a whole, as a list, as a data set, almost like your analytics.


  • That can tell you if a new video is working or not.

  • And for us, it's always been that balance of

  • "What is our audience asking for or suggesting?" versus

  • "What do we wanna try? Is it a new medium? Is it a new type of video?"

  • And striking that balance, trying to do both

  • has really contributed to our longevity over the years.

  • About once a year, we all get together

  • and just talk about what we wanna focus on in the next year.

  • And it's a creative discussion and a business discussion.

  • The success can't come if you don't have the creative right.

  • You want to find something that you love doing

  • and won't hate yourself for doing week-in and week-out

  • and something that feels signature to you so that when people come back to it

  • they're not surprised that you've chased the next thing

  • but that you've delivered something that feels familiar and fun to them

  • and it is what they expect on your channel.

  • There are billions of videos to choose from.

  • Millions of other wonderful creators that people can go watch.

  • But you need to understand that ups and downs are totally natural.

  • You're gonna have fans that stick with you

  • and if you can go back to what they love about you

  • then you'll find another 'up' cycle again.

  • You'll get back there.

My name's Evan Gregory, I'm one of the Gregory Brothers

グレゴリーブラザーズの エヴァンです


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