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I'm A.E. and I'm an Intelligence Analyst with the Washington field office of the FBI.
My typical day-to-day job as an analyst involves a lot of research and a lot of reading.
I spend a lot of my time reading the information that the Special Agents on my squad have collected
and then doing more research about it.
If there's any gaps or any information that we're missing, I try and fill that in with
information from other Intelligence Community sources or from other government agencies
or from the public-sector information that we might have.
By far my proudest moment as an FBI employee is when we were able to have some LGBT employees
deploy down to Orlando after the attack on the Pulse nightclub there in June to help
support the Office of Victim Assistance and build trust with the LGBT community there.
It was obviously a really terrible situation to have happen in the first place but one
of the things that the FBI does best is respond to crisis.
I like to say that crisis FBI is the very best FBI.
Even though I've been working at the FBI for six years now, one of the coolest things is
still sometimes just walking through the front door that says FBI in the morning and touching
my badge that lets me go through the security door and just thinking like, “Wow, this is my life now.
I work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation." And it is the coolest thing ever.


Intel.gov | Day in the Life | Intelligence Analyst

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