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When people ask me what my fears are, and what I'm scared of,
I know they're expecting something tangible like
clowns, needles, my credit card bill.
But I can't really attribute my fears to...single entities.
I look through a list of phobias and while some of them do seem scary on paper,
I haven't really been directly exposed to them to know if I'd be scared.
I'm only scared by proxy because I know other people are
like dinosaurs, a T-rex, for example.
I can't say exactly if I am scared of them,
they are scary, portrayed by media, movies, and whatnot,
but I've never been, or probably never will be confronted by an actual T-rex to give it a chance to scare me.
So, I don't know if I'm scared of 'em.
Does that make sense?
I mentioned way back in my bugs video that it was usually my job to cleanse our house of bug invasions
because I'd be the only one indifferent enough to confront the bugs.
And I live in Canada. We're not exactly known for our killer bugs.
Sure, we have black widows but that's like one breed.
And you can easily distinguish them because they're fully black;
— Du-uh!
With red marks on their abdomen and (phat ass) backs.
There are so many types of spiders here.
I can't just assume every single one is a black widow. That's RACIST!
I'd say I just have a general fear of... dying.
Well, I guess, more so the pain of the method that leads to death,
which most of you can probably say for yourself as well.
I'm not scared of clowns, I'm scared of clowns that want to kill me.
I'm not scared of spiders, I'm scared of spiders that want to kill me.
I'm not scared of heights,
I'm scared of the Earth's gravitational pull that's trying to kill me at all times.
Growing up, I've had a lot of my peers hospitalized for injuries,
and I wonder why, I myself, have never been to the ER.(shouldn't you be grateful not curious???)
Maybe, it was my lack of participation in a lot of sports
but it might also be because I avoided doing dumb and dangerous stunts (guess someone never lived like Larry...)
that most kids think to be impressive by their peers? (peer pressure at its finest)
Hey, you know what's impressive? (living on the edge and surviving?)
Being healthy and uninjured. ( you have that to brag about but i have cool battle scars)
Damn, look at these hospital bills!
They say, "No pain —no gain?" I say, "No gain — no pain!" (weak sauce)
What's that, what's that? No bisc(uits)? Uh-uh, no risk! (full color dom)
Fear is a survival instinct,
which is why I think most of us can say, we'd survive in a horror film.
(the Gonjiam movie starts) *Thunder*
*Eerie music*
*Static* *Thunderclaps*
*Creaking* Uh? Ah? What was that?
Dom? Dom? *More creaking*
*Phone rings with the Krusty Krab's ringtone.*
Yo, are you still in the abandoned hospital?
Wait, Dom?
A-are you ok? Where are you?
Yeah, I'm fine. I-I never went in!
I saw something weird in the window and you said,
"Hu-huh, it's nothing. Don't worry about it, Dom," (his voice doesn't even sound like that way to clown him) and I said, "No-ho-ho-ho, thank you."
Hu-huh? Th-then wh-who's been with me th-this whole time?
You're making it real hard not to say 'I told you so'.

I have this technique for watching horror movies to make it seem like I'm "fearless".
When I think there's a scary part coming up, I shift my focus to one of the corners of the screen.
My peripheral vision can still see the rest of the screen, kinda, but it's out of focus,
so I can't really process enough of the image to really be scared.
I mean I can tell it's scary because of the audio and the screaming
so, I can only imagine.
I feel kind of bad for people with good peripheral vision.
"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."
*Clears throat*
You right.
We generally fear things that are unknown or
unfamiliar to us simply because we don't understand them and deem them dangerous. (those two fingers look like they are ready to probe)
We use our five senses to experience and process the world around us
and being unable to do so can lead to fear.
People are afraid of the dark because they can't see and process what's around them.
They are in the unknown.
And if they can't see and confirm that their surroundings are safe,
they assume that there is potential danger.
If I can't see that there isn't a demon about to eat me,
there is probably a demon about to eat me. (mhm my thoughts exactly)
That's why horror movies usually aren't scary the second time or
consecutive time you watch them, assuming they were scary the first time,
because you're then familiar with the events, and there is no longer a surprise factor.
If you're bored of zombie movies by now, it's because it's gotten stale.
Train to Busan doesn't need a remake! Stop remaking Asian horror films! Just read the subtitles.
Oh my god, you're illiterate. (not everyone grew up knowing what the story book said but i agree.)
I have irrational fears as well.
Like, not closing my eyes for too long while in the shower because that gives the monster time to
appear with their ugly face staring at me the moment I open my eyes,
or when the lights go out while I'm in the bathroom because I remember saying "Bloody Mary" twice as a kid, (so you did live on the edge once)
and I'm worried that it carries over and that even thinking of saying it the third time will fulfill the ritual,
or when I'm washing my face in front of a mirror in the bathroom and,
you know, maybe I'm just scared of bathrooms.
Yeah, that's it.
Real talk though, I have a fear of being forgotten.
If you haven't watched Disney's Coco yet,
there's a scene with one of the characters, Chicharrón, who experiences final death in the land of the dead
because there is no longer anyone in the world of the living who remembers him.
The fact that your existence is "deleted" because you no longer exist even in memory really hit me in the ko'koro, (heart).
Like, if you're not part of anyone's recorded or remembered history,
did you really even exist?
Or if you don't take an Instagram photo of your food, did you even really eat it?
Nah, I'm just kidding, yeah. Yo-you ate it stop. Stop taking photos. Eat your food.
But what gives me peace of mind is the latin phrase by Roman poet Quintus Horatius Flaccus a.k.a. Horace,
"Non omnis moriar" which directly translates to "not everything dies",
but is interpreted as "my work will live" or "I shall not wholly die."
And as of now believing in this seems like our only way to immortality.
Do enough during the time you are here to make an impact that goes beyond your mortal lifespan.
I have my beliefs and ideologies,
I don't really see myself as a world changer or a strong activist for anything specific,
I just enjoy putting out content for people to view.
People ask what my end goal is with YouTube or my career in entertainment.
Honestly, (TO GET RICH AS FUU- jk) with humble intent, I just want to be remembered.
Not for greatness or anything prestigious,
I just don't want to be forgotten.
And it's kind of ironic to fear being forgotten
because you wouldn't really know or have a way to prove if you were forgotten
once your time has passed.
Or do we?
Hmm, that seems like a hypothetical for another day.
This video has been brought to you by.....
Wait, what just happened?
What's with the nothingness?
Is there going to be a jumpscare?
Ack. I hope not!
Seriously, Domics, what's with the blank outro? Please explain.
Why are you here? Still expecting the outro?
If there really isn't, I'll add it in.
Domics is yet another awesome animator known for his interesting and funny story-time videos like this one.
So if you enjoy it so much, don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe for cool stuff like this.
Once again, like and subscribe for more amazing stories of the life of Domics.



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