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hey everybody Jennifer from Tarle
speech and language with your
pronunciation question
today's question is how do i say the
word ruin it's a very short little word
only four letters R U
I N four letters but we're going to
have two beats or two syllables in this
word so if we look at the syllables we
have Roo and then in roo is going to be
our long loud and the highest syllable
because this is our stressed syllable
and in is going to be very nice and short
and a little quieter and a little lower
in pitch so to say
roo you're going to start by saying an
R your lips might be a little more
rounded than usual for your typical R
because we have this very rounded oo
sound right after it
roo and then we're going to move to that
short in and your tongue is going to be
really high in your mouth for this ih
sound and then you're going to touch
your teeth the back of your top front
your tongue to the back of your top
front teeth for the n sound in roo in
ruin ruin ruin let's give that a try
ruin ruin ruin please don't ruin the
give it a try i know people are going to
notice the difference if you found this
video helpful please give us a like and
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miss a video and if you have any
questions we'd love to hear from you
leave them in the comments section below
or visit us at Tarle speech dot com
thanks so much


How to Pronounce RUIN - American English Pronunciation Lesson

437 タグ追加 保存
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