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What is it like working with Jim and playing him
as a young Jim, or a young Sheldon?
I'm going to be honest it is tremendous.
And he is incredible, and he is awesome,
and I love him so much.
And he's such an incredible Sheldon coach,
which is sort of a given.
You don't need much coaching.
Well, look at us working together.
Yeah look at you.
Those were the days, now you're off on your own.
So you're really enjoying it.
I am really enjoying it.
That's great.
And you're a nice guy.
I heard that your mom said you can keep acting as long as you
remain a nice guy.
Yes and that's-- it's sort of perfect for me,
because I love being kind and I love acting so--
Thank you
Well, then I think you're going to have a long career.
All right, so you met Oprah?
I did.
Yeah, what was that like?
So when I met Miss Oprah, I--
yes she's incredible--
I've always wanted to meet her she's
incredible, just like I always wanted to meet you and--
So I went up to her, but I also thought, my grandmother--
[? Mamay ?] I call her--
she loves Oprah.
So I thought if I can get that picture I can really just make
her envious.
Yeah, she's even right there.
Yeah, your grandmother is here.
But I was just like, I've got to get that picture.
And then I got the kiss, which was even better.
Well it looks more as if she's smelling your face, but she's--
that's what she's known for.
She loves to smell people's faces.
Or a kiss.
Either one.
All right, maybe she was kissing you.
I don't know.
Young Sheldon airs Thursday nights on CBS,
after the Big Bang Theory.


Jim Parsons and Iain Armitage Talk 'Young Sheldon'

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