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  • Welcome to Miami, the most vibrant city in the Sunshine State

  • and home to Florida’s most spectacular beaches.

  • I came to Miami because, I heard a lot of great things about Miami,

  • but also to enjoy the weather,

  • and sometimes you see famous people that you see in television

  • like TV shows or movies

  • and when you walk to for example Lincoln Road,

  • you only see fast and beautiful cars.

  • The EF International Language Center,

  • is located in the Miami Beach neighborhood.

  • Its Amazing because at one step, I have the beach, I have the pool,

  • good person or good people, nightlife,

  • the class, perfect for me.

  • Because it is an international school, with a lot of students from all over the world,

  • and yes, thats the most important thing for me,

  • because I want to learn my English, but also other languages

  • which is really nice.

  • The teachers are very friendly, they are very nice

  • and very understanding.

  • I am in a very small class and that is

  • pretty good, when you want to learn something

  • because everybody gets to speak all the time.

  • You have general classes, thats your main teacher,

  • there you do grammar, vocabulary and

  • the main stuff to learn English.

  • Students enjoy ocean views from many of our classrooms

  • and our residence is housed in the same beachfront building.

  • When you finish your classes,

  • you go to your room and you talk to your roommates,

  • Its wonderful because everytime you are talking in English.

  • Now, I have a lot of friends from

  • France, Switzerland,

  • Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Peru.

  • Our fully-blended approach to language learning is enhanced

  • by the latest in technology,

  • so you, can progress at your own speed.

  • At a certain point, I started to learn English,

  • much better and especially now with the Cambridge exams,

  • the classes are really really good and I learned a lot.

  • I have been here for 3 months and everyday after class,

  • I go to the swimming pool or to the sea.

  • I have been here for 2 weeks and I think

  • I have been in the water like everyday.

  • Miami is far from a lazy beach town.

  • This is one of America’s most active cities.

  • Almost everyday, I am at the beach or at the pool because,

  • I just like the sun,

  • and the weather in Miami is always great.

  • I have been to the Everglades, to Key West and to Orlando.

  • These activities were really great.

  • I have been to the theaters, to the cinema,

  • I went to Orlando and now I am going to the Everglades.

  • When most other cities are going to bed,

  • Miami bursts with life.

  • I went to shopping, I went to a lot of malls,

  • I went to Lincoln Road of course,

  • I have seen ocean drives, its really amazing.

  • Come to Miami for the nightlife, beaches

  • And EF’s innovative language courses.

  • And return home, with memories

  • to last a lifetime.

  • Its a beautiful place, its a life time opportunity,

  • a life time experience and a lifetime memory.

  • I love Miami, I love EF, its really amazing,

  • and I would recommend them to go here.

  • I had the time of my life, and I really want to go back someday.

Welcome to Miami, the most vibrant city in the Sunshine State


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EFマイアミビーチ、フロリダ州、米国 (EF Miami Beach, Florida USA)

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