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  • The integumentary system,

  • is made up of the skin,

  • hair

  • and fingernails.

  • The integumentary system

  • particularly the skin,

  • has a number of functions.

  • Your skin protects you from germs,

  • foreign materials

  • and from drying out.

  • Your skin also plays a role in excretion,

  • getting rid of urea

  • and salts when you sweat.

  • Your skin helps to regulate your body temperature

  • by dilating and constricting blood vessels,

  • to control heat exchange with the environment.

  • Nerve endings in your skin ,

  • give you your sense of touch

  • and allow you to detect heat,

  • pressure

  • or pain.

  • The outer most layer of skin,

  • is called the epidermis.

  • Just below the epidermis,

  • is the second layer of skin

  • called the dermis.

  • The dermis contains most of the important structures of the skin

  • like nerves that help you send stimuli,

  • blood vessels,

  • sweat glands,

  • oil or sebaceous glands

  • and hair follicles.

  • The arrector pili muscle,

  • makes our hair stand on end

  • and gives us goose bumps.

  • The third, and deepest layer of our skin

  • is the subcutaneous layer.

  • Adipose, or fat tissue,

  • is stored in the subcutaneous layer

  • and helps to keep your body insulated.

  • The skin is the largest organ in the body,

  • and performs many functions that help to maintain your health.

  • The integumentary system therefor is critical to your survival.

The integumentary system,


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撮像装置 (Integumentary System)

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