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Thank you, thank you.
Kasim, thank you for that kind introduction.
Let me thank all of you for welcoming an outsider
here to

deliver what will be an unconventional convention

Now, I'm not here as a member of any party,
or to endorse any party platform.

I am here for one reason: to explain why I
believe it is imperative that we elect Hillary

Clinton as the next president of the United

And to ask you to join with me in supporting
her this November.

When the Founding Fathers arrived here in
Philadelphia to forge a new nation, they didn't

come as Democrats or Republicans, or to nominate
a presidential candidate.

They came as patriots who feared party politics,
and I know how they felt.

I've been a Democrat, I've been a Republican,
and I eventually became an independent because

I don't believe either party has a monopoly
on good ideas or strong leadership.

When I enter the voting booth each time, I
look at the candidate, not the party label.

I have supported elected officials from both
sides of the aisle.

Probably not many people in this room can
say that, but I know there are many watching

at home who can.
And now, they are carefully weighing their

I understand their dilemma.
I know what it's like to have neither party
fully represent my views or values.

Too many Republicans blame immigrants for
our problems, and they stand in the way of

action on climate change and gun violence.
Meanwhile, many Democrats wrongly blame the
private sector for our problems, and they

stand in the way of action on education and
deficit reduction.

There are times when I disagree with Hillary

But let me tell you, whatever our disagreements
may be, I've come here to say: We must put

them aside for the good of our country.
And we must united around the candidate who
can defeat a dangerous demagogue.

I believe it's the duty of all American citizens
to make our voices heard by voting in this

And, if you're not yet registered to vote,
go online and do it now.

This is just too important to sit out.
Now, we've heard a lot of talk in this campaign
about needing a leader who understands business.

I couldn't agree more.
I've built a business and I didn't start it
with a million-dollar check from my father.

Because of my success in the private sector,
I had the chance to run America's largest

city for 12 years, governing in the wake of
its greatest tragedy.

Today, as an independent, and entrepreneur
and former mayor, I believe we need a president

who is a problem solver, not a bomb thrower.
Someone who can bring members of Congress
together, to get things done.

And I know Hillary can do that because I saw
it firsthand.

I was elected mayor two months after 9/11,
as a Republican — and I saw how Hillary

Clinton worked with Republicans in Washington
to ensure that New York got the help it needed

to recover and rebuild.
Throughout her time in the Senate, we didn't
always agree

— but Hillary Clinton always listened.
And that's the kind of approach we need in
Washington today, and it just has to start

in the White House.
Given my background, I've often encouraged
business leaders to run for office because

many of them share that same pragmatic approach
to building consensus, but not all.

Most of us who have created a business know
that we're only as good as the way our employees,

clients, and partners view us.
Most of us don't pretend that we're smart
enough to make every big decision by ourselves.

And most of us who have our names on the door
know that we're only as good as our word.

But not Donald Trump.
Throughout his career, Donald Trump has left
behind a well-documented record of bankruptcies,

and thousands of lawsuits, angry shareholders,
and contractors who feel cheated, and disillusioned

customers who feel ripped off.
Trump says he wants to run the nation like
he's run his business, God help us!

I'm a New Yorker, and I know a con when I
see one!

Trump says he'll punish manufacturers that
move to Mexico or China, but the clothes he

sells are made overseas in low-wage factories.
He says he wants to put Americans back to
work, but he games the US visa system so he

can hire temporary foreign workers at low

He says he wants to deport 11 million undocumented
people, but he seems to have no problem in

hiring them.
What'd I miss here?!
Truth be told, the richest thing about Donald
Trump is his hypocrisy.

He wants you to believe that we can solve
our biggest problems by deporting Mexicans

and shutting out Muslims.
He wants you to believe that erecting trade
barriers will bring back good jobs.

He's wrong on both counts.
We can only solve our biggest problems if
we come together and embrace the freedoms

that our Founding Fathers established right
here in Philadelphia, which permitted our

ancestors to create the great American exceptionalism
that all of us now enjoy.

Donald Trump doesn't understand that.
Hillary Clinton does.
And we can only create good jobs if we make
smarter investments in infrastructure and

do more to support small businesses.
Not stiff them.
Donald Trump doesn't understand that.
Hillary Clinton does.
I understand the appeal of a businessman president,
but Trump's business plan is a disaster in

the making.
He would make it harder for small businesses
to compete, do great damage to our economy,

threaten the retirement savings of millions
of Americans, lead to greater debt and more

unemployment, erode our influence in the world,
and make our communities less safe.

The bottom line is: Trump is a risky, reckless,
and radical choice.

And we can't afford to make that choice.
Now, I know Hillary Clinton is not flawless;
no candidate is.

But she is the right choice — and the responsible
choice — in this election.

No matter what you may think about her politics
or her record, Hillary Clinton understands

that this is not reality television; this
is reality.

She understands the job of president.
It involves finding solutions, not pointing
fingers, and offering hope, not stoking fear.

Over the course of our country's proud history,
we have faced our share of grave challenges,

but we have never retreated in fear.
Not here in Philadelphia in 1776, not here
at Gettysburg in 1863, not through two World

Wars and a Great Depression, not at Selma
or Stonewall, and not after 9/11 — and we

must not start now.
America is the greatest country on Earth — and
when people vote with their feet, they come

The presidency of the United States is the
most powerful office in the world, so I say

to my fellow independents: Your vote matters

Your vote will determine the future of your
job, your business, and our future together

as a country.
To me, this election is not a choice between
a Democrat and a Republican.

It's a choice about who is better to lead
our country right now: better for our economy,

better for our security, better for our freedom,
and better for our future.

There is no doubt in my mind that Hillary
Clinton is the right choice this November.

So tonight, as an Independent, I am asking
you to join with me — not out of party loyalty

but out of love of country.
And together, let's elect a sane, competent
person with international experience, a unifier

who is mature enough to reach out for advice,
to build consensus, who recognizes that we

all have something to contribute.
So let’s elect Hillary Clinton as the next
president of the greatest country in the world,

the United States of America!
Thank you.


Billionaire Bloomberg Demolishes Trump's Business Record

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