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Hi, guys. I'm Jacqueline. 大家好,我是Jacqueline
We're now here at Fang-yuan Art Gallery. 我現在所在的位置是方圓美術館
Here, it is a place of many different kinds of artworks 這裡展示各式各樣的藝術作品
and also a lot of things that were left by our ancestors. 以及先民留下來的文物
If you want to hear history or some cool stories, 想聽聽看當地的歷史或是有趣的故事嗎?
follow me and let's go hear some cool stories! 跟著我一起出發吧!
Hi, everyone. 大家好
This is Mr. Liao. 這是廖執行長
Hello, everyone. 電視機前的各位觀眾們大家好
Welcome to Fang-yuan Art Museum. 歡迎大家來到方圓美術館
It has been 10 years since the art museum was established. 方圓美術館成立到現在已經有十年了
What used to be here back in 1933 這裡在1933年的時候
was the home of the 是我們當地
first medical doctor in the area, Mr. Huang Ching-wu. 第一個醫生黃清舞先生的家
In addition, Dr. Huang 他除了當醫生之外
served as the township mayor of Jiangjun Township 後來也當我們將軍鄉的鄉長
for five terms. 總共五任
He made a lot of contribution to the town 他為在地這邊幫助很多
and saved the lives of many residents. 也救了很多人
After Mr. Huang Ching-wu passed away, 黃清舞先生過世後
his offspring moved overseas, 子孫都移居國外
and the house was abandoned. 房子也荒廢了
In the end, it was sold to a construction company. 最後這棟房子賣給建商
A part of the house was demolished and was planned to be 開始拆除房子
reconstructed as a service center for a pre-sale house project. 準備做預售屋的展示中心
However, the local residents were grateful for Dr. Huang's contribution 在地耆老們感念黃醫生的恩情
and wanted to preserve the cultural relics in the house. 開始搶救房子裡的文物
They launched a movement to protect the building. 甚至發起保護這棟建築的運動
And the pre-sale house project was terminated in the end. 後來預售屋沒有蓋成
Dr. Huang's house was then bought 最後由在地的企業家
and renovated by a local businessman Mr. Lin Jeng-feng, 林振豐先生買下來並且整修
and then became the museum we see today. 才有現在的美術館
So as I mentioned, 如同剛剛提到的
this house was the house of a doctor. 這棟屋子從前是黃醫生的住家
And this room was where he used to work. 這間房間是他當時工作的地方
Here it displayed a lot of different kinds of pieces 這裡展示許多文物
such as old manuscripts he wrote 如當時的手抄稿
or some really old books from the past. 還有年代久遠的古籍
And there are also photos that captured the memories from the past. 此外 這裡還看得到從前生活的一些剪影
Thanks to the efforts of local residents, 在地鄉民的力量
Dr. Huang's house has been preserved. 守護了黃清舞先生的故居
This is really a touching story. 也寫下最動人的故事
This photo is very interesting. 有趣的是像這一位
She is Dr. Huang's granddaughter. 他(黃清舞)的孫女
She's about sixty years old now and has been here once. 他回來過一次 六十幾歲了
After she saw the photo with she and her grandfather in it, 在方圓美術館看到自己和爺爺的照片
she bursted into tears. 他忍不住流下感動的眼淚
She's surprised that people are willing 也非常驚訝這些人願意
to help preserve all the memories about Dr. Huang, 幫黃醫生保留
such as his stories, personal stuff, 這些故事 文物
and a whole box of books in Japanese. 甚至一整櫃的日文書
If you're interest in Japanese books, 我們也歡迎對這些日文書有興趣的人
please come visit here. 可以來這邊看
The room displays items and manuscripts of Dr. Huang. 這個空間展示了黃清舞醫生生前的物品及手稿
Tourists get to read them closely. 提供零距離的閱讀方式
In addition, they can know more about Dr. Huang 甚至可以閱讀醫生讀過的書
by reading the books that he once read here. 來認識黃清舞醫生
We're now in the exhibition rooms. 我們現在位於展示室
And you can see here, 大家可以看到
there are aisles right in the middle of the room. 正中間有走道通過房間
And there are also other rooms on both side of this exhibition room, 展示室的兩側都有房間連通
which means that this house was really really big back in those days. 可以想見這棟房子當時有多麼大
The exhibition space in Fang-yuan Art Museum is divided into three parts. 方圓美術館的展示空間分成三個部分
Aside from the permanent exhibition of Dr. Huang's personal items, 除了黃清舞醫生的文物典藏展外
there is a space for special exhibition 還有定期的展覽
and an exhibition room for relics of ordinary people. 和常民藝術館
What's so special about this building is that all of the rooms 特別的是 這個房子內部的空間
are connected to each other. 可以相通喔
This room where I'm standing now 我現在所在的房間
displays many different kinds of things and relics from the past. 展示了各式各樣的舊文物
All these things you can see here 這裡的每件物品
have different kinds of 都有不一樣的
meanings and the ways to use them. 意義和使用方式
Wow! This bed will surprise you! 哇!別小看這個床啊
It used to be a gift for young people who were going to get married. 這個是早期為即將成家的孩子準備的禮物喔!
It was specially made by a carpenter 而且還要請匠師製作
and took about ten years to finish one. 光是一張床就要花費十年的時間喔!
Can you guess what the bucket here was for? 猜猜看床旁邊的桶子是做什麼用的呢?
It's a bucket to put new-born babies! Did you get it right? 是「臨盆」!猜對了嗎?
It's a tool used in delivery babies! 是生小孩用的喔!
Very special, indeed! 很特別吧!
By the way, why is this place named “Fang-yuan Art Museum”? 話說 這裡為什麼取名為「方圓美術館」呢
From Dr. Huang's publications, 從他的一些著作裡面
we find out that he considered fang (angles) 發現他就是把方
and yuan (rounds) as his code of conduct. 和圓當作生活的準則
Dr. Huang aimed to be lenient (yuan) with others, 對外要圓融
and strict (fang) with himself. 對自己要方正
In this building, you'll discover lots of rounds 從這個建築物可以發現方
and angles that reflects his belief! 與圓的痕跡喔!
One special feature about the architecture here 這裡有個建築特色
that I would like to mention is that 我想特別介紹給大家
this place is a mix of rounds and angles. 這裡可以看見方與圓的各種組合喔!
For example, the arches and ponds are round. 例如,拱門和池塘是圓的
And the windows and the doors are totally with right angles. 窗戶和門則有著四四方方的稜角
I came across Mr. Hsieh Ming-chi at the museum. 參觀美術館時巧遇謝明奇老師
He told me that the metal framing roof installed with rivets 他告訴我中庭的鉚釘鋼架屋頂
was moved all the way here from Jiankang Road. 是從健康路搬過來的
It's worth seeing! 非常值得一看!
The size of the roof perfectly fits the building! 而且尺寸竟然剛剛好喔!
If you enjoy immersing yourself in artistic atmosphere 如果各位喜歡沈浸在藝術氛圍中
and learning some history. 聽聽歷史故事
You are very welcomed to come to Fang-yuan Art Gallery. 非常歡迎來方圓美術館走一趟喔!


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