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Hello, my name is Nael
I am a SSI divemaster and a Padi Rescue Diver
hair and scuba diving
You might not have expected this video on this channel but
the other day one of my coworkers asked me how
I could maintain such "healthy" hair while doing scuba diving
especially because is it true that
when I was working in Malta my hair got a bit fried by the sun
and now that I am working every week ish on a chlorinated pool
it is a bit dry
first of all you might notice that I have short hair
it is not only because I do scuba diving
it is also because I find it more convinient
I shave it...
once every other month
so that it (they) stay relatively healthy
and then compared to when I had long hair
it is not as dry as it used to be
and the other reason for it to be so short is that
in the mask, when it is very long
it tends to go...
you know like ...there (places their hair in front of their eyes)
and it creates a crease where
the water can come in
and it is very anoying to have to check your hair
and check everything
and empty your mask every other minute
I also used to wear bandanas and
and the good old hood is also a good compromise if you have loosy hair
umh, ponnytails also, are a good idea
if you have long hair and that it can stick on a ponytail
as for my hair health itself
I don'tuse any particular shampoo
I usualy use what my partner or sister is using
sometimes I use hena which is some kind of colored powder
that can turn your hair black, ginger ish
or sometimes there is the neutral one that doesn't turnyour hair any color
it just creates some kind of coating
around the hair fiber
so that there are more strenght i think
so that could be an idea for you if you have
time to spare on trying some new products
and when the
tip of my hair is very very dry
I sometimes use some coconut oil
because that is a staple on my ooking cabinet so...
I kinda smell a bit like food but... meh!
that's good enought i don't use a lot of products on my hair
I know that my mother in law buys some
food supplement, I think it is a yeast
that makes your nais and your hair stronger
so that might be something that you want to look into
if you are into supplements and that you can remember to take your pills on the morning
and there you have it, this is all I do to keep my hair healthy as a diver
as you can see I don't spend a lot of energy on it
this is asuper short video, YouTube encourages us to do
10 minutes + videos, but Idon't even spend 10 minutes on my hair on the morning so...
if you've liked this video and that you want to see more of that
you can click on the little thumbs up
and subscribe
that way I know what kind of content you'd like me to do next
please let me know on the comment section if you have any other tips that you use on your hair
I am pretty sure that a lot of people would be interested in that
and I hope to see you next time! Byye


What to do with your hair while scuba diving? | Crazydivers

245 タグ追加 保存
Nael 2019 年 3 月 13 日 に公開
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