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So, your place of mine?
Chinky dear?
What are you doing here?
Ma'am, did it help?
Don't you know, uncle? Ma'am is here for research purposes.
Yes, yes.
She's writing an article on human behavior after consuming distilled beverages
- made of, fermented grain?! - Yes!
- That sounds quite serious. - No, no.
One night stand... I mean study... One night study.
Who is this?
Partner. Project partner.
If you're done with studies, come home. Auntie keeps thinking of you, dear.
No, no, uncle. She's just done with her observations so she needs to get home
and get the climax... I mean, conclusions. She needs to derive the conclusions?
Okay, some other time then.
Derive the conclusions 2-3 times. Just to be sure.
You must focus on your studies, okay?
- Good night, uncle. - Good night, dear.
- Good night, uncle... - Good night, dear...
- Think you'll finish it? - Focus on your shaving, won't you?
Shukla said she'll handle the start and I'll do the end.
I just hope my mom doesn't ask.
- You think I can't do it? - So do it then!
So then explain it to me, poeple from Saidham Building were all laughing at my meme.
Only you were not able to laugh.
Yeah, so? It was such an old meme!
Keep your meme game strong!
Listen, I know the group admin. I can get you kicked out.
- Kick me out then. - Think I can't do it?
Do it then!
- I'll do it for sure! - Do it!
- Mom, shall I go party? - Yeah, do it!
You think you can kick me out?
Thank you Shukla auntie
Cm'on ma'am walk in fast.
Lift your hands up.
Country liquor?
You are doing a great job auntie. I have to thank you.
Okay, okay... Are you going to make me cry? Take this away now.
- Yes, mom. I'm at home only.... - I've eaten my dinner...
I've also applied oil on my hair...
- Can I buy you a drink? - Sure.
Excuse me?
What the hell are you doing?
What do you mean?
I mean, she called you once and you're going.
Even the rickshaw guys are better than you.
Chill, otherwise it's going to seem like you were asking for it.
You, buy her a drink.
Hey, let me buy a drink for you.
Excuse me?
- Yes? - Two martinis, please?
Wallet? Phone? Soon!
This looks expensive. Take off! Soon!
You okay?
Better? Let's go. Come on.
Man, I shouldn't have had that last shot.
I'm Ragini by the way.
Pour me also one drink.
What, uh?
Hey, I'm not some creepy guy who hits on women, all right?
Hey! Stop it! Where are you taking me? Stop it!


New Year

81 タグ追加 保存
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