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  • If you've been following this channel for a while, you might get the idea that I love structure. And I do.

    このチャンネルを良く見る人なら、 僕がいかに計画好きか分かると思う。

  • I love productivity, organization, order, and I try to be as disciplined as possible.

    僕は生産性・組織・秩序なんかが大好きで、 自分をコントロールしてる。

  • When some people hear this, they think that it's boring.

    00:00:17,800 --> 00:00:20,100 こんなことを言うと、 そんなのは退屈だって言う人もいる。

  • They equate "a disciplined life of structure" to feelings of entrapment.


  • Before I get into my thoughts on the topic, I want to tell you a story.

    僕の考えを話す前に 聞いて欲しいストーリーがある。

  • So it's a hot sunny day out and there's this bee and her name is Bertha.

    ある晴れた暑い日に、 バーサという名の一匹のハチがいた。

  • Bertha is buzzing by her hive with some other bees. Just relaxing and having a good time.

    バーサは他のハチと一緒に 巣の周りをただ楽しく飛んでいた。

  • Like the other bees, Bertha may have some aspirations of doing great things one day.

    そんな彼女にも何か大きなことをしようって 思う時が来るかもしれない。

  • I can't really say. Bees probably don't have that kind of ability to think those kind of thoughts.


  • Suddenly, a bear starts to approach her hive.


  • The bear is hungry for some honey and bee eggs.


  • In an attempt to save her hive, Bertha stings the bear.


  • But its skin is so thick that once she tries to pull her stinger out, she dismembers herself and dies.


  • The sad part about the story is that Bertha had no choice.

    針を抜こうとした拍子に、 バラバラになって死んじゃう。

  • Through years of evolutionary wiring she is evolved to sting threats.


  • It's a biological reaction to a dangerous situation.

    長い時を経た進化の結果、 彼女は敵を攻撃せずにはいられない。

  • She has no idea that her stinger will get stuck and that she'll die.


  • If she had known she would have died, she might have flown away and saved her own life.

    彼女には針が抜けなくなって死ぬなんて わからない。

  • Bees are prisoners to their own biology.

    もしわかっていたら、 生き延びる為に逃げていたと思う。

  • Unlike bees, humans have the ability to override their biology.


  • Through self-discipline.


  • Let's say that someone has long-term desires to be in a deep and loving relationship, to create a meaningful career that they love and have a healthy body.


  • Along each step of that journey they are tempted by short term pleasures, such as porn, junk food or video games.


  • Deep down they really want the life that comes in the long term.


  • Yet they keep succumbing to short-term pleasures.


  • The only difference between these two positions is self-discipline.

    目標に向かって努力する時に限って、 ポルノやジャンクフードやゲームなんかの 一時の快楽に誘惑される。

  • We're lucky that as humans, we have the ability to practice self-discipline.


  • It gives us the freedom to achieve what we truly want in life and allows us to break free of the biological or societal cages around us.


  • And I think that is a pretty amazing and powerful thought.

    この間にある唯一の違いは、 自分をコントロールできるか否かだ。

  • But it's not so simple.


  • Companies are aware of our natural, biological reactions and use this against us by using supernormal stimuli.

    自己抑制のおかげで、 本当に欲しいものを得る為の自由がある。

  • An example of supernormal stimuli is junk food.


  • Our ancestors were wired to seek out and enjoy fat and salty food, because it was so rare at the time.


  • But now companies have genetically engineered food to include more fats and salts than ever before in order to make us desire it even more.


  • Social media and the Internet as a whole is another form of supernormal stimuli.


  • Humans are biologically wired to seek out novelty.


  • For our ancestors, novelty could lead to more knowledge about the world, which could lead to more wisdom, which helped us thrive as a species.


  • It has its usefulness.

    僕らの祖先は、めったに見つからない 脂っこくて塩分をたくさん含んだ食物を探すのに必死だった。

  • However, the Internet has been designed to take advantage of this desire for novelty by showing you more novelty than you can ever dream of.

    現代において、企業は遺伝子工学を駆使し、より多く の脂肪と塩分を食品に組み込んでいる

  • Every page links out to more pages, with more novelty.


  • And every video to a new video with even more novelty.


  • Video games do the same thing.


  • Some evolutionary psychologists believe that video games, like first-person shooters and massively multiplayer online role-playing games imitate environments that would be similar to the ones that our ancestors navigated in the past, but supernormal versions of them.


  • Yet we can get greater feelings of accomplishment in video games with a lot less work.


  • The advent of constant achievements showing up on the screen in video games is good evidence that companies are aware that it will motivate players to keep playing.


  • So not only are we sabotaged by our own biologies, but we are being targeted by corporations seeking to take advantage of us and make a profit.

    でも、インターネットは 僕らのこの欲求に漬け込むように作られている

  • On the plus side, you and I are not like the bee, because we are not caged by our own biology.


  • With self-discipline, we can live the life we truly want.


  • We have the choice to be free.


If you've been following this channel for a while, you might get the idea that I love structure. And I do.

このチャンネルを良く見る人なら、 僕がいかに計画好きか分かると思う。


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