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now you may know that my room mate pranked me back recently
but you all know me by now
and you know that a sugg is
not gonna put up with any of that
so it's time for some revenge
sugg style!
so for this prank
so for this prank
i decided to fill my room mate's room
with lots and lots of balloons
but the balloons are gonna act as just a decoy
because in all of those balloons
is gonna be a little surprise waiting for him
and that surprise is going to be our friend oli
there he is
we can't have oli jump out of the balloons just like that
he'll have to look alot more scary
mm yeah kind of...
that's better! thats the one
so hopefully, my roommate thinks that the balloons are the main prank
and doesn't have a clue
there's a giant, scary clown hiding in the balloons
but first we need to get this room ready
this could take a while...
its ummm quater to four in the morning
oli this is no time to be taking selfies
we've got work to do
it's nearly twenty past five in the morning
it's only twenty... twenty
i can't even talk
i'm so tired
so oli's gonna have a twenty minute nap...
he says twenty minutes...
maybe an hour
all right mate are you still doing it?
i haven't slept
last balloon..
one thousand and sixty balloons we used oh my god
smashed it mate
absolutely smashed it
we then set up the cameras in the right places then added the finishing touches
and then all that remained was to play the waiting game
did you do this on your own?
yeah I was up all night
try and get to your bed try and get to your bed
go like level with your bed
over by that camera then give a wave
when like you're really far back...
so go to that camera?
towards your blinds, yeah head towards your blinds
along side your bed
keep going
i can't even see you man
stand by the bed
come left a bit
by the camera
and then...
keep going...
00:03:36,620 --> 00:03:38,580

where are you
is that oli
its oli
just stop.
you're not going to win this prank war my friend
if you enjoyed this video guys, then please give it a big thumbs up
and i'll see you next week with another sugg sunday special


Ultimate Balloon Prank On My Roommate

388 タグ追加 保存
黃昱樺 2019 年 3 月 9 日 に公開
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