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  • Today, I'm going to make custard pudding. I think I might add this one to my notebook cookbook.

  • I started keeping it when I was young, when I first started cooking.

  • It was the best advice I was ever given and I always encourage my maids to do the same.

  • Usually, I make custard pudding with isinglass, but the grocer in Walden didn't have any, so today I'm going to have to use gelatine.

  • I hope it works.

  • For this recipe you will need: cream, gelatine, egg yolks, orange flower water, brandy, and blackcurrant jam.

  • Now to make an excellent custard. Firstly, I've taken a quarter of the cream, heated it a little and melted the gelatine.

  • Now I'm going to whisk some eggs.

  • Simple sweets like this are eaten in the second course.

  • Lord and Lady Braybrooke are very fond of custard.

  • In fact, I think Lord Braybrooke would eat it with everything!

  • Now these are well-whisked, I'm going to add the rest of the cold cream.

  • And now the warm cream.

  • And now to make this thicken, I need to put it over a low heat.

  • You need to heat it in order to thicken it, but you must be careful not to curdle it.

  • Now the custard is thoroughly cool, I can add the brandy and a little orange flower water.

  • It's quite an old-fashioned flavour - and scent. I'm only going to use a little because it can be quite overpowering and I wouldn't want to cheapen it.

  • It's now time to put the custard into the mould. I've already lined it with almond oil, so all I need to do is to pour the custard in.

  • Ooh, very good.

  • I'm now going to put it in the icebox.

  • Now my custard is set, it's time to de-mould it.

  • I've heated up a little blackcurrant jam with some port and ginger wine and put it through a sieve.

  • I'm now going to pour it just around the side of the custard.

  • I must make sure it's not too hot... I don't want it to melt the custard.

  • And there we have it - my custard pudding!

Today, I'm going to make custard pudding. I think I might add this one to my notebook cookbook.


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カスタードプリンを作る方法 - ビクトリア朝の方法 (How to Make Custard Pudding - The Victorian Way)

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