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>> LIZA KOSHY: I'll be right back guys!
>> RAGGEDY ANNE: [BLEEP]. My head hurts.
>> KEN: What the [BLEEP] are you...?
>> LIZA KOSHY: I think you can breathe! Can you breathe underwater?
>> LIZA KOSHY: Try to breathe! >> BARBIE: I can't!
>> RUBIK'S CUBE: Monster! Stop changing my colors!
>> LIZA KOSHY: So fluffy!
>> RUBIK'S CUBE: You know what guys? It's so hard being a toy.
>> PENGUIN: What's up boy?
>> RUBIK'S CUBE: Uh, nothing much you know. Just trying to solve my life problems and everything.
>> PENGUIN: Shut up!
You need to get your block off my block!
>> RUBIK'S CUBE: I'm a Rubik's cube!
>> PENGUIN: We're the only toys on this block.
Man! Let's smoke this fool!
>> RUBIK'S CUBE: Woah! Wait!
Look man. Do you know how hard it is being a black cube with colors?
And I'm color blind!
You should understand!
You half black and white.
I don't know what the [BLEEP] you are, but can we please work this out?
>> PENGUIN: Let's smoke them fool.
>> PENGUIN: I'm a bird and I can't fly!
>> RAGGEDY ANN: You're such an idiot.
>> KEN: That's very sad.
>> RUBIK'S CUBE: What is she trying to tell me?
>> RAGGEDY ANN: What the [BLEEP] is she doing?
>> KEN: He's trying to tell us that we should defend our ??, stand up like he stood up in that toy store.
>> GIRL: Which one should I pick?
Let me get my purse.
>> RAGGEDY ANN: Oh. I like how you think.
>> RUBIK'S CUBE: I should have done what you did.
>> RAGGEDY ANN: You know who I look up to?
Annabelle and Chucky.
>> BARBIE: Chucky?
>> RAGGEDY ANN: I try to be like them...
but it never works.
I'm gonna scare the [BLEEP] out of her!
>> LIZA KOSHY: Raggedy!
What am I gonna do with you?
>> RAGGEDY ANN: I'm trying to scare you, you little [BLEEP].
>> LIZA KOSHY: Raggedy! What am I gonna do with you? >> RAGGEDY ANN: Come on! It was me!
>> LIZA KOSHY: Raggedy!
>> RAGGEDY ANN: She never gets scared!
>> RUBIK'S CUBE: I mean, I could...
>> RAGGEDY ANN: Get away from me you dumb cube!
>> BARBIE: Well at least she helped us get together.
>> LIZA KOSHY: And welcome back to Miss Barbie Universe!
Kenpa! What do you choose?
Wait, no. First, you guys are going to fight
>> LIZA KOSHY: Barbie slap Tiffany.
>> TIFFANY: No! No, no, no, no!
>> LIZA KOSHY: Now Tiffany punch Barbie in the boob!
>> BARBIE: Tiffany, no!
>> LIZA KOSHY: Whatchu laughing at?
Tiffany! Barbie! Kick Ken behind the ball!
>> KEN: No, no, no, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no, no, no!
>> LIZA KOSHY: Kenpa chooses?
>> KEN: Tiffany! Tiffany!
>> LIZA KOSHY: Barbie!
>> KEN: [BLEEP]!
>> LIZA KOSHY: Now for a kiss.
>> MOM: Liza!
>> LIZA KOSHY: Yeah?
>> RAGGEDY ANN: Aw. That's so romantic! And pathetic. You're making me sick. I want to throw up.
>> BARBIE: You know what guys? Let's leave.
Honestly, let's leave, we have to-


Toy Tales | Lele Pons, Juanpa Zurita & Liza Koshy

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