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  • (gentle playful music)

  • - [Narrator] This is the mossy frog, a tiny amphibian,

  • found predominantly within the flooded caves

  • of northern Vietnam's forests.

  • Its main mode of defense,

  • you're looking at it.

  • The mossy frog's skin is a blotchy green and brown,

  • a perfect color match for the mossy environment

  • it's found in.

  • If threatened, it will curl up and play dead

  • to hide from possible predators.

  • They are semi-aquatic, and the suction-like discs

  • at the end of its toes make it an agile climber

  • when out of the water.

  • For food, they are opportunistic,

  • meaning they'll feed on anything available to them,

  • as their habitat goes through constant change.

  • One change in particular is the recent deforestation

  • of northern Vietnam's forests.

  • As the forests have become smaller,

  • so has the mossy frog's population,

  • landing them on the endangered species list.

  • This is the mossy frog.

  • (ding)

(gentle playful music)


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サバイバルのために小さなコケカエルがしがみつく (The Tiny Mossy Frog Clings for Survival)

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