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  • You and I ken

  • better than most how fleeting life can be

  • I can't help but feel sometimes that all of this could be

  • ripped away at any moment

  • I can hear the sound

  • of your barely beating heart

  • Pieces on the ground

  • From a world that fell apart

  • Just hold on

  • It won't be long

  • I will find you

  • here inside the dark

  • My destiny lies on Culloden moor [

  • I'll find you [

  • I promise

  • I found him

  • Like the wind that cries

  • I can feel you in the night

  • A distant lullaby

  • He was gone, they were all gone [

  • the world I'd left only moments ago

  • was now dust

  • Just hold on

  • It won't be long

  • I will find you

  • Here inside the dark

  • I will break through

  • no matter where you are

  • I will find you

  • This is Jamie

  • you found him

  • I'll be the light that leads you home

  • When there's nowhere left to go

  • I'll be the voice you always know

  • When you're lost and all alone

  • I won't let you go

  • I will find you

  • I saw you so many times [

  • You came to me so often

  • Good bye Claire

  • Claire was your heart

  • I never took it off

  • When my body dies, my soul will still be yours

  • Nothing is lost Sassenach

  • only changed

  • That's the first law of thermodynamics

  • No

  • that's faith

You and I ken


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A2 初級

アウトランダー - ジェイミーとクレア - あなたを見つける (Outlander - Jamie and Claire - Find you)

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    Epaphras に公開 2021 年 01 月 14 日