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You and I ken
better than most how fleeting life can be
I can't help but feel sometimes that all of this could be
ripped away at any moment
I can hear the sound
of your barely beating heart
Pieces on the ground
From a world that fell apart
Just hold on
It won't be long
I will find you
here inside the dark
My destiny lies on Culloden moor

I'll find you

I promise
I found him
Like the wind that cries
I can feel you in the night
A distant lullaby
He was gone, they were all gone

the world I'd left only moments ago
was now dust
Just hold on
It won't be long
I will find you
Here inside the dark
I will break through
no matter where you are
I will find you
This is Jamie
you found him
I'll be the light that leads you home
When there's nowhere left to go
I'll be the voice you always know
When you're lost and all alone
I won't let you go
I will find you
I saw you so many times [

You came to me so often

Good bye Claire
Claire was your heart
I never took it off
When my body dies, my soul will still be yours
Nothing is lost Sassenach
only changed
That's the first law of thermodynamics
that's faith


Outlander - Jamie and Claire - Find you

162 タグ追加 保存
Epaphras 2019 年 2 月 13 日 に公開
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