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  • I wanted to be

  • a father

  • a husband

  • all the things I thought the future held when I was with you

  • all the things I had to forget

  • when I said good bye to you at the stones

  • to care for Willie

  • for Brianna

  • watch them grow up

  • to show them how to be in the world

  • I wanted to fill this house with our children

  • hand down the good Fraser name

  • It's your father

  • I cannot wait to meet you

  • What you don't ken

  • you'll learn

  • we'll learn

  • together

  • I do love you, you know

  • I love you too

  • Mo nighean donn

  • God, you look so like him

  • She has your red hair

  • like her sister

  • Faith

  • yes

  • We all have our secrets

  • yours is walking around

  • anyone with half an eye can see it

  • You're a braw laddy

  • Willie

  • You're so wee

  • Do not fash yourself

  • I'm here

  • The boy has the same cock to his head

  • same set to his shoulders

  • he has your eyes

  • It won't be long before young Willie sees it himself

  • My brother Willie

  • gave me one just like it

  • I hedged your name

  • on the bottom, see ?

  • Wee bastard, that's my snake

  • You're a soldier now

  • mon fils

  • Do not fash Joanie

  • I love you and your sister

  • and I'll always look after you

  • Must you surely go Mack ?

  • Do not fash lad

  • Do you remember me ?

  • Fondly

  • Do you remember the day you left Helwater ?

  • I ran to you

  • But you did not look back at me

  • Why did you not look back at me ?

I wanted to be


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A2 初級

アウトランダー - ジェイミーとクレア - 私の血の血 (Outlander - Jamie and Claire - Blood of my Blood)

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    Epaphras に公開 2021 年 01 月 14 日