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Welcome to EnglishClass101.com's English
in Three Minutes. The fastest, easiest, and

most fun way to learn English.
Hey everyone, I'm Alisha!
In this series, we're going to learn some
easy ways to ask and answer common questions

in English. It's really useful, and it only
takes three minutes!

In this lesson, you're going to learn how
to ask and say where you live.

Usually, someone will ask you where you live
as a polite question after they've asked

you your name, where you're from, and what
you do for a living.

They'll say:
“So where do you live?”
This is inviting you to keep making conversation.
There are lots of ways you could answer this
question, but here's some of the most common.

You could say:
“Do you know...? and then the name of the
area you live in.

“Do you know Twin Pines?”
Or, you could mention a local landmark. Like:
“Near the library.”
“Near the movie theater.”
You could also answer by telling the person
what train line you live on, if your city

has a train network. Or what station is the
nearest to your house.

“On the Green Line.”
“Near Central Station.”
So as you can see, there are lots of possible
ways to answer the question “Where do you live?”

Once you've told them, the other person
might respond in one of the following ways:

“Oh, yeah, I know it!”
“I live near there!”
Or maybe:
“I'm afraid I don't know it.”
The other person is just being polite by showing
interest, so you can reply by saying something

like “Oh, really?”
Since the other person is asking you this
question to be polite, a good way to continue

the conversation is to ask them the same question
in return.

You can just say:
“How about you?”
“Where do you live?”
Put some stress on the you: “Where do you live?”
Now it's time for Alisha's Advice!
Asking where someone lives is a way to try
to find something you have in common with

the person you're talking to - so if you're
familiar with the area the other person lives

in, make some comments about it! “That's
a really nice area”, or “The park there

is really pretty”. Anything is fine - as
long as you don't say anything negative

that could be taken as offensive, like “That
area has a high crime rate”, or “I hear

that area's really dangerous”...!
Do you know how to ask which school someone
goes to?

Find out next time in the eighth English in
3 Minutes Lesson! See you next time!



Learn English - English in Three Minutes - Asking "Where do you live?"

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