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Hi, there, and welcome back to engVid.
Today we are looking at 25 words that can
be used to describe people.

This video is mainly for those at the beginning
of their journey learning English; but,

of course, you may just pick up a few new words
if you're an intermediate, too.

So, these are predominantly adjectives.
And what we are going to be doing is seeing
whether they say a good thing about someone

or a bad thing about someone.
So, if it says a good thing about someone,
we'll put a smiley face; if it puts a bad

impression about someone, we'll put an unhappy

First word: "huge".
Now, do you think it would be good to be called "huge"?
If you're a guy?
If you're a girl?
It probably depends.
Most guys want to go to the gym and get really
big; but many girls, the sort of stereotypical

perceived body perfection is slightly smaller.
So, I will put...
Say it to a guy; not a girl.
"Agile" means that you are graceful.
If you think of the animal, the deer, it moves
very gracefully.

So, "agile", I think that's a positive thing
to say to someone.

"Feeble" means weak; pathetic.
No one wants to be called "feeble".
If I was going to describe someone as feeble,
I would say: "The Liverpool football player

was feeble in their effort to stop the goal."
"Full" means full of; you have a lot of it.
"Taste" means being able to choose good things;
having good taste in art, in music, in food,

in clothes.
If you're tasteful, it means you make good

Obviously we want to be described as being

"Slight" means small.
So, "slight" sounds like we're not very important;
we're just sort of a bit small.

We don't want to be called "slight".
This means messy.
Unorganized; a bit chaotic.
We don't want to be called "dishevelled".
"Grubby" is another word for dirty.
Generally, people don't want to be described
as being dirty.

"Unkempt", so the prefix "un" means not; "kempt"
means looked after.

So, if you are unkempt, we get the idea that
maybe the person has not washed for some time,

they haven't brushed their teeth, their clothes
are falling apart.

So, we don't want to be unkempt.
"Greasy", "greasy".
Maybe you have seen "Greased Lightning", the
song from the hit Grease.

So, "Greased Lightning", the car is really
slick and it's all kind of new, and it's going

to impress everyone.
But if we're applying grease to a person,
it's not such a good thing.

We don't want kind of petrol and things in

In our hair.
We don't want our skin to be greasy.
So, this has two meanings: "Greasy" in terms
of sort of hair and skin, but also "greasy"

means we don't really trust that person; they're
a little bit suspicious.

"Bonny" generally is applied to a baby.
You would say: "That's a bonny baby."
It means: Good-looking; looks healthy.
If we're attracted to something, we want to
go towards it.

We want people to like us, we want to...
We want to be attract-...
"Exquisite" - one of my favourite words.
"Exquisite" means sort of near perfection,
just absolutely fantastic.

Of course, we all want to be exquisite.
Again, the suffix: "ful" meaning full of;
"youth", young, full of young energy, lots

You know, really playful.
Thing of Tigger from Winnie-the-Pooh who goes
boinging over trees and things.

"Youthful" is fun.
You want to be fun.
So, "fresh"...
"Fresh as a daisy", you say.
We feel fresh when we have had a shower in
the morning; we're ready for the day.

Yes, we want to be fresh; we don't want to
be all tired.

So, "fresh" - good.
Another way of saying "beautiful".
Yeah, it's...
Again, you would say it to someone you find

So, you wouldn't describe a friend as being

"Radiant", this means shining.
"The light was radiant."
The person is...
So, it's as if they seem to give off an energy,
a good energy, then they are radiant.

The idea I get here is all sort of bones and
not very much flesh on the person.

So, "scrawny" - just bones.
We don't want to be just bones.
So we can see the word "mood".
We've got three main emotions: Joy, sad...
And what?
Angry or...
And anger.
"Moody" is looking at the two ones of sort
of anger and sadness; they're more filled

with perhaps anger than they are moody.
Not such fun to be around.
I don't know if you know Winnie-the-Pooh;
seem to be talking about it a lot in today's

lesson, but Eeyore is the gloomy, the rather
sad donkey.

"Life's not very good."
Gloomy Eeyore.
There aren't many girls who would like to
be described as plump, so don't call them

"Plump" means a little bit fat.
Two meanings, here.
First of all, you could say that someone is
smart, meaning that they are clever or intelligent.

Also, it can describe their clothes; they
dress in a smart manner.

It means they look good; they don't look messy.
Quite the opposite of being "dishevelled",
so that is a positive.

"Uncouth", this is about bad manners.
If someone has bad manners, they are "uncouth".
"Uncouth" - bad manners.
"Clumsy" is when you sort of knock things
over, shoelaces undone...

"Clumsy", quite the opposite of...
Can you spot the word?
It's the opposite of in the top row, somewhere
over here - the opposite of "agile".

"Full" of "cheer".
So, "cheer" means sort of happiness, full
of happiness.

Good fun.
"Immaculate" means sort of perfect.
So, up to you whether you think that's good
or bad.

It's certainly probab-...
I would say it's more positive than negative;
the negative being that it might be a slight

pain, that person, but that's just my opinion.
What I want you to do now is I want you to
think of a person to describe.

So think of someone, just could be anyone;
a good friend, family.

Jot it down on a piece of paper, and then
pick five of these words to describe them.

Which ones would you use?
Just have a quick look.
Does it build a picture of them?
I hope so.
Why not revise these words now by doing today's

And I'll see ya in the next video.
Until next time, stay well.


Improve Your Vocabulary: 25 English adjectives to describe people

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