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So if you're new to my Youtube channel, I'm actually originally from Portugal.
So, this video is basically trying some of the foods that I used to try growing up.
There's not a whole lot of Raphinators in Portugal
but the few that exist there are very, very active so I've got a surprise for you.
Which is: I'm going to have a meet-up in Porto in December. All the information will be in the description below.
I'm also gonna bring some copies on my book for you guys. And the other part of the surprise is this video.
I'm gonna be trying some Portuguese food and this has been like top requests on my channel.
This is the first thing I'm gonna try from Portugal. Okay so
I remember every time I was sick in school like, the teachers would be like, they would never say like "go to the nurse"
they'd say "oh have one of these" so that, that's why I pick these because it reminds me of school.
They're really sweet, and they're like white, and they're called "Flocos de Neve". Um and they taste like sugar.
So the red wrapper and then the white is very iconic. This is not Christmassy. People have this all year round. This is amazing!
I could not describe what flavor this is. The flavor is sugar.
These are my favorite crisps in Portugal.
They're called "3D", and they taste like cheese and corn and that's it and they're freaking amazing...
I don't think you can tell but they look like 3D cones.
They are so good. When I was a kid, I used to put them in my fingers
just like this, and I'd pretend like I was friggin' ballerin'.
3D is everything to me. I freaking love this! The next one is very, very traditionally Portuguese
but like you can't make fun of it because people in Portugal will be really, really upset because this is like a national treasure...
And these are "Marie" crackers. These are the same Marie because that's all I could find in this freaking country.
Show them, come on Marie! They taste like nothing... they taste like a plain biscuit, but this is amazing. This is amazing
with Nutella, peanut butter, and by itself. Like, I actually really like him like this.
And I love dipping them in milk, and this is everything.
This is the one I'm excited the most to try which is this. This is called
we say it in Portuguese as "Chipicao", and it's basically chocolate. I haven't smelled this in so long...
They used to come with stickers in it. I was like, "where is it?", but this one got no sticker.
Un-believable, can you please have these in England, please, please? In Portugal, there's this thing called a "Chocolate Umbrella'.
It's just a stick that looks like an umbrella, like a closed umbrella. It's friggin' good chocolate. 'Kay, so this next one
I know it exists in like different countries, not only in Portugal,
but every time I go to Portugal, like on Christmas or Easter,
I always see a lot of these and this is actually my sister's favorite ever.
So I decided to buy them. It's chocolate seashells.
This is a Portuguese brand 'cause I think these are like some of the best ones. Somehow,
I always prefer the light ones rather than the dark ones
but I think they all taste the same. Completely on this... When I was a kid, I used to only eat the stars and then
everyone else would just eat the rest, but they taste the same.
Like dangerously sweet but I love them. This was so difficult to find in this country.
But look! This is Portuguese chocolate milk.
I don't think I own one of those things to open this so I've no idea what I'm going to do now...
So I managed to open it, and then I spilled chocolate milk all over myself.
This chocolate milk is everything.
Best chocolate milk in the world! And of course, I saved my favorite one for last: which is
Quetara "Choco Flakes". My favorite way to eat is actually
without milk like, I will just binge watch movies or Netflix eating these and...
This is like the best thing ever. It basically looks like a little cookie
but then there's cereal inside. Once you start eating them, you actually can't stop.
Thank you so, so much for watching this video!
If you enjoyed it and you want me to review candy and sweets from your country,
all you have to do is leave a comment down below and let me know which country do you live in. And
also, give this video a thumbs up and that's all you have to do. I'm going to do more of these
chocolate, sweets, candy reviews. We are so, so close to 300,000 subscribers.
It'd make me so happy if we could reach it by the end of the year.
I don't think it's possible to be completely honest. Well,
I'm going to leave the link right here, and you can subscribe if you're not subscribed yet
or you can send this to all of your friends. If you live in Portugal, my meetup is going to be on the
27th of December in Porto in North Shopping in Front of the Cinema
I love you guys so much, and I'll see you over next video. Bye!


Trying Portuguese Food

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