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  • Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite.

  • "My dumb bet" stories from you guys.

  • This first one is from @gumgumerson.

  • -Interesting first name. -Gum.

  • -He says:''One time on vacation, I bet my dad I could catch more lizards than him. For the whole week, I was woken up by him putting lizards i my face and yelling, ''Scoreboard!''

  • -Grow up, dude. -"Wake up!"

  • -This next one's from @missgreenwalt.

  • She says: ''When I was a kid, I bet my sister my bed because it was the biggest thing I owned. When I lost, my mom said I had to give it to her so I'd learn the consequence of gambling. So, my sister was nine and had two beds.''

  • Living the life, man.

  • Two beds.

  • This one's from @mrcooperclark.

  • He says:'' I once won $10 because my friend insisted his name was ''Samuelel Jackson.''

  • Samuelel.

  • -Samuelel. -Yeah, from the Bible.

  • -This one's from @logylogues. -Oh, logy logues.

  • -I wonder if they're friends with Gum Gumerson.

  • He says:'' In 2017 I bet a haircut on the Patriot/Giants Super Bowl. This was the outcome:''

  • There you go.

  • That's pretty bad.

  • That's a pretty bad bet right there.

  • -Now you gotta pay the bets.

  • -Lost by a hair.

  • Don't get hurt, anybody.

  • This one's from @CraigLefferts.

  • He said:''I got cocky one day and bet $1.000 on my kid's little league game. He was really confused why Daddy was crying when the game was over.''

  • "I just thought the Tigers had a chance, that's all.

  • Let's go get ice cream!"

  • This one's from @vestureuk.

  • He says:'' He lost a bet, and as a result I'm on the proud owner of a Prawn Tina Turner tattoo with the tagline ''shrimply the best.''

  • Oh, my God.

  • Why would you bet that?

  • What would be worth it?

  • -That's fantastic.

  • This last one's from @rockefeller88.

  • He says: ''My friend bet me I wouldn't eat semi-chewed gum off a gas pump. Unfortunately, I won.''

  • There you go, everybody.

  • -Those are my "Tonight Show Hashtags."

  • To check out more of our favorites,

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Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite.


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