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  • I'm Lauren.

  • And this is HRVY.

  • And I play the heartbreaker in "Personal."

  • It was a really fun role to play.

  • I was a cheerleader in school, not much of a heartbreaker, but it was fun.

  • And I got to break his little heart.

  • In the music video, she did yeah.

  • You did break it, you broke it pretty hard.

  • I've known Lauren for about a year now, little over a year.

  • And we've always talked about being in a video of each other.

  • And we've done a few collabs on YouTube, just normal YouTube videos.

  • And I was like, you'd be perfect to be in the video as the main girl.

  • I watch a lot of American TV shows, so I watch 'Vampire Diaries.'

  • I watch... I've watched a bit of 'Riverdale.' I watch all these kind of shows where it's

  • about love, basically.

  • So I kind of wanted to write about teen love.

  • I haven't been through heartbreak.

  • I've never been heartbroken so I kind of want to be heartbroken.

  • So that's why I kind of wrote it.

  • As if I was heartbroken, but I haven't been.

  • This is the type of girl right, that Snapchats you and you Snapchat her and she leaves you

  • an open.

  • And then she starts posting stories.

  • Do you know what I mean?

  • So she's playing them games.

  • But I'm still, I'm like yeah.

  • It's kind of like you want it because you can't have it, you know?

  • I feel like being in love and young is like a big thing in your life, you know?

  • This is the first big thing that's going to happen to you and it's going to pave the way

  • for the whole of your life.

  • And I feel like everyone needs to experience love, and everyone needs to be broken.

  • To know what true love is.

  • I feel like I have been I think.

  • I'm not too sure yet.

  • I don't know yet.

  • But I think I have.

  • I feel like it's your friends fault because they're supposed to be your bros, you know?

  • They're supposed to be with you.

  • That's the deepest line of the whole song I think.

  • Yeah.

  • That's pretty harsh.

  • I've heard it a lot, so the effect is kind of worn off.

  • I don't think I've ever used it though.

  • Don't take it personal.

  • As an actual, I've done the, what is it? It's you, no, it's not you it's me.

  • But, don't take it...

  • You've done that one?

  • Yeah, but don't take it personal is one that I haven't, but I feel like it should be used more.

  • This is where one of my dark friends that was flirting with her, like he's messaging

  • me like she's seeing someone else.

  • I feel like he'd be the one to tell me just to annoy me, but yeah.

  • People blowing up my phone. People telling me she's been with someone else and I'm like

  • trying to figure out who and when and why.

  • You know what's weird? When I think of this girl, I think of a vampire.

  • Have you seen 'Twilight?'

  • So I forgot her name. She's the ginger one in the first movie.

  • She's beautiful, but she could literally rip you in half.

  • And when I'm on stage and I'm singing it, this is the part on stage where I'm really

  • getting into it. I can imagine it and everything.

  • It's my favorite part to sing of the song.

  • Do you know what?

  • It's been used in online beef as well.

  • People have been having arguments and people have been putting don't take it personal.

  • And tagging me in it as well.

  • It's good and it's bad.

  • Don't promote hate, but it's pretty cool to have that kind of hashtag don't take it personal.

I'm Lauren.


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