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It's been two weeks since we last visited
the service dogs in training of Doggy Do Good,
which means it's been two weeks since I've seen Kaya,
which means we're going to look at her for a second.
Man, she's the best.
But today's not Kaya's big day.
It's Demian's.
Today is his final exam.
If he passes, Demian will go to his forever family tomorrow.
If he flunks the test, however,
it could mean months before Demian is ready
or the family may need to find a different service dog.
Good luck, buddy.
This is what you puppy prepped for.
(upbeat music)
For Demian's final exam, the trainers
at Doggy Do Good have chosen a local mall.
(playful music)
With slick floors, steep stairs
and distractions aplenty, only the truly ready pups
can get through all of their drills without issue.
Before going inside, it's time
for some warm up drills by the parking garage.
Places you and I wouldn't think twice about
are sometimes perfect places to test the pups.
For instance, this grate.
Unfamiliar surfaces like these can distract a dog,
seemingly without explanation.
Grates can also be the source
of confusing smells and sounds,
further throwing a dog off it's game.
First up, Luke.
The eight month old golden has been a model student so far.
A simple steel grate won't bother...
How 'bout that?
His tail wags but Luke can't wait to get off the metal.
You can see his hesitation as he continues to cross.
The sound and moving surface confuses him.
We may think it's a silly fear
but it's a good reminder that Luke is still a puppy.
Karen makes the golden pause
on the grate and feeds him treats.
Hopefully, this will get him to fear
the grate a little less.
After a few more back and forths,
Luke gets more comfortable.
This is good.
At this stage, Luke just needs to show progress
towards overcoming his fears,
even for something as small as a grate.
With Luke scared of the grate,
it could mean his sister, Kaya,
inherited a similar fear.
The eight month old crosses the metal
with grace and poise.
Well done, Kaya.
Way to show your brother what's what.
Next, it's time for Luke and Kaya's half sister,
Remmy, to cross the grate.
The trainers are curious to see if she'll be brave,
like her sister, or scared, like her brother.
With that stutter step, it looks like Remmy
is the exact average of her siblings,
not as frightened as Luke,
but definitely more cautious than Kaya.
Still, she's more curious than scared,
a good sign for the eight month old.
With the goldens done, it's Benelli's turn.
Only two weeks ago, the six month old
completely shut down at the bus station.
If she has a similar reaction to the grate,
it could spell disaster for the lab's chances
of staying in school.
But Benelli handles the grate like a champion.
She stands still and even keeps her tail wagging
when Paul tries to distract her.
The puppy's made huge strides in her courage
the last two weeks, exactly what
the trainers needed from her.
The other puppy with bravery issues
is our man about town, Mr. Pip.
Though he hesitates, the Yorkshire terrier
has little say in the matter.
When a trainer can pick you up and move you
wherever she sees fit, you're gonna have
to face your demons.
Mr. Pip is presented with a dilemma,
satisfy his unshakable craving for treats
or flee like a coward.
Again, Karen makes his decision for him.
Good enough, Mr. Pip, your strengths lie elsewhere
and that's just fine.
Finally, it's Demian's turn.
Even with a pack in his mouth,
this is more of a formality than a real test,
Like a senior taking an introductory class
that he forgot he needed.
The yellow lab doesn't disappoint.
Demian knows he has to deliver and he does just that.
His real test awaits him inside the mall.
Deals, deals, deals.
The dogs need to overcome all these distractions
and more inside the mall.
The pups go into down-stay at the food court
and while Luke naps, Benelli begins
the mall obstacle course.
The first challenge, the stairs.
This mall has very slippery, very steep stairs.
Already the floppiest puppy, Benelli immediately has issues
but with her tail wagging, she's a good sport.
Benelli has to resist her natural urge
to sprint up the stairs.
A heel is a heel even with uneven, slippery footing.
That's it, Benelli, almost there.
Oh, okay, good, good.
Good girl.
She's just so floppy.
Now upstairs, Benelli practices her get it command.
Even with the lights and sounds of the arcade,
Benelli keeps checking in with her trainer.
This shows great progress in Benelli's focus.
As Benelli returns to the food court,
it's Kaya's turn around the mall.
I challenge you to find me a more perfect dog anywhere.
It simply can't be done.
Even amongst the charms of the arcade,
our girl can't be fazed.
Kaya is even comfortable lying down inside a video game.
On her way back downstairs, Kaya is patient and attentive,
exactly what her trainers are looking for.
As Luke drifts in and out of sleep,
he wonders if it's his turn.
Mr. Pip's up.
Back to sleep.
The stairs that Benelli struggled with
are a piece of cake for the undeniable Mr. Pip.
He scales them like a mountain climber summits a peak.
In the arcade, Mr. Pip practices his comfort drills.
He'll be going to a family with children
and if they call upon him amongst the lights and sounds
of an amusement hall, he'll have to perform.
Before leaving the arcade,
Mr. Pip obliges a quick photo request
in the comforts of the motor coach ride.
Like any brave mountaineer who conquers a pinnacle,
what goes pup must come down.
Imagine if stairs were as big as you are.
Our brave Mr. Pip doesn't have to.
He's step-sized and he handles the challenge with a plum.
In the arcade, Luke works on some drills
but it appears some of the distractions
might be a bit too much for the eight month old golden.
When trainer Karen puts the pup in a down-stay
to familiarize him with the stimuli, Luke rebels.
Luke's future owners need him
to be all right in a down-stay anywhere
so if he can't become comfortable in this arcade,
it could mean a big problem for his training progress.
Luke breaks another down-stay.
Eventually, with Karen in constant eyesight,
Luke is all right.
After the confinement of the down-stay,
the golden retriever's more than happy
to practice his pressure therapy.
Luke returns to the food court.
It's been an uncharacteristically shaky day for the golden.
Like people, service dogs have good days and bad.
At the end of their training,
the hope will be to have as few days like this as possible.
One dog who's had some bad days lately is Remmy.
It appears, however, she's made great improvement
the last few weeks.
She's checking in with trainer Paul
and doing well in her heel.
Even in the arcade, the eight month old
is attentive and focused, not at all like she was
at the beach a few weeks ago.
And like her half sister, Kaya,
Remmy is prepared to work inside of the video game console,
giving Paul hugs amongst the frightening zombies.
On the stairs, Remmy shows patience
that was totally absent a week ago.
She's maturing, a wonderful sign for her schooling.
Demian's been training years for this.
If he passes, tomorrow morning,
he and trainer Paul will set off to his forever family.
If he fails, it doesn't look good
for Demian's continued enrollment.
- All right, Demian, let's go.
- [Narrator] Demian's classmates wish him luck
as he sets off.
First challenge, the stairs.
While the younger puppies could slip around,
Demian's future owners will depend
on him being steady whenever called upon.
Tolerance for sliding is almost nill.
Making it even more difficult,
Paul applies periodic pressure to Demian's harness,
ensuring the lab is ready to accept his owner's weight.
Still, Demian is able to match Paul's pace perfectly,
even when it gets awkward for the pup's footing.
Step by step, Demian proves his patience
and dependability on the stairs.
The first part of his test is over
and so far, so good.
What's this?
A pop quiz?
In the middle of an exam?
Paul's dropped his wallet
but Demian retrieves it with no problem.
Now Demian will have to carry the trainer's pack.
Though he did well with this earlier in the day,
consistency is the key to graduation
and our guy is steady.
Back at down-stay, the puppies wait nervously,
rooting for their friend's success.
It's all right, Mr. Pip, so far, Demian's doing great.
A quick trip through the arcade was no problem for Demian
so it's on to the next challenge, stability.
Paul gives Demian the command, steady,
then uses the dog to help him sit down.
With his tail wagging, it's clear
to see Demian's happy to work, another great signal.
Paul uses Demian to help stand, just as a child runs past.
Demian maintains his focus, the exact reaction he needs
were the same to happen with his forever family.
Paul makes a minor adjustment to Demian's position
but appears happy with the dog's performance.
A second stability test is meant to see Demian's transition
from a down-stay and he handles it flawlessly.
Now, a new challenge just for Demian,
women's clothing.
With pack in mouth, Demian has to show patience
and focus amongst the new smells and sights
and it's no problem for the yellow lab.
In a simple heel, Demian moves confidently
and checks in with his handler, the model
of a great service dog.
He's in the home stretch but there's one challenge left,
going down the stairs.
Providing stability, while facing downstairs,
is the toughest thing Demian will be called upon to do.
He has to show patience, poise, focus and strength,
all while resisting his natural urge
to bolt down to even footing.
The slow pace is grueling but when trainer Paul
sees Demian wait patiently on even the last step,
it appears he's nailed it.
Not even Paul can contain his excitement for the pup.
While Demian turned in a virtuoso performance
on his exam, the trainers still have to discuss if,
after two years and a name change,
he's finally ready to graduate.
(dog barking)
Back at Doggy Do Good, Demian's classmates wait
to hear his fate.
The tension is palpable.
Then, they see him.
He's done it.
Presenting the newest graduate from Doggy Do Good,
Demian, the two year old yellow lab.
Tomorrow, he and Paul will set off
to meet the lab's forever family.
Just as Demian was trained to help people,
now his family will have to trained in handling Demian.
The process can take anywhere from one to three weeks
but Paul will be there to help the whole time.
It's been a long two years of training
and Demian is rightly excited.
He takes a well deserved victory lap
as his classmates look on.
Their schooling has just begun
but if they keep up the progress
they've shown this last month,
maintain focus and stop eating so much grass,
like the newest alum, Demian,
they too will soon graduate Puppy Prep.
(upbeat music)
(gentle music)


Puppy Prep - The Puppies Have Their Final Test

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