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  • - For somebody driving into town the first time,

  • you wouldn't think there was a lot here

  • because 95% of it is hiding underground.

  • People drive in and go, "Where is the place?

  • "I don't understand."

  • (didgeridoo music)

  • Coober Pedy is from the Aboriginal kupa-piti, which means

  • white man in a hole.

  • At the moment upstairs it is

  • about 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Down here we're sitting on about 71, 72 degrees.

  • No air conditioner necessary.

  • We're right out in the middle of nowhere.

  • It takes a day to drive here from Adelaide.

  • I'd say there's about 1,000 underground dwellings

  • and at least 1,500 people living underground.

  • (whistling)

  • We've got five underground churches.

  • We've got underground motels.

  • There's some amazing underground homes here,

  • many bedrooms, underground workshop, you name it underground

  • we've pretty well got it.

  • I bought my dugout as a fairly small

  • two bedroom dugout and I've been extending it

  • over the years.

  • Some of this I blasted out when I could get away with it.

  • The cops don't like us blasting in town.

  • We don't do it anymore.

  • Back in the old days, if somebody was gonna have a baby,

  • we'd rock around there with a couple of compressors

  • on the weekend and some jackhammers, and a couple of cartons

  • of beer, and by the Sunday night, we'd dug out a room,

  • cemented the floor, and mired it up,

  • and, um, there's your new baby's room, honey.

  • Even though we're so far away geographically

  • from anywhere else, I don't know why,

  • but we just love the place to bits.

- For somebody driving into town the first time,


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オーストラリアの地下住宅に足を踏み入れる (Step Inside Australia's Underground Homes)

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