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  • Hey there.

  • Welcome to Life Noggin.

  • Would you be willing to let some sketchy guy slice you open in his basement to harvest

  • one of your kidneys?

  • What if you were promised a nice chunk of money in return?

  • I really hope your answer is still no, but for some people, this payout is apparently

  • well worth the risk.

  • While my animated body is valued at basically nothing, your human bodies are pretty valuable.

  • Just how much is the human body worth?

  • Let's add it up.

  • Black market organ harvesting from dead and living people is an incredibly huge and lucrative

  • industry.

  • It's estimated to be worth a whopping one billion dollars.

  • In this market, kidneys alone are sold to people in need for about $140,000 a pop.

  • And some organs go for even more.

  • Take lungs for example.

  • Estimates value a set of lungs at almost $300,000!

  • And the almighty heart?

  • A whopping $595,000.

  • But the people selling to the black market are only paid a tiny fraction of these selling

  • prices.

  • The rest goes to the middle-men and women making the transactions.

  • And it's not just major organs, all kinds of valuable body parts are in demand on the

  • black market.

  • Do you think these 1s and 0s would go for anything, because i have a lot of them!

  • Underground organ sales and transplantations originally came about for a number of reasons,

  • but a major one is the fact that the legal organ transplantation system is seriously

  • lacking.

  • Recent estimates quote that there are over 100,000 people on transplant waiting lists

  • in the United States alone and 20 of them die waiting each day.

  • So, when people are desperate, sometimes they turn to the black market in a last-ditch attempt

  • to save their lives.

  • With $1 billion floating around this illegal market and massive organ shortages affecting

  • so many people, some are starting to question whether you should be allowed to sell your

  • organs.

  • Which got me to thinking, does anywhere allow this?

  • Kind of, yes.

  • In Iran, people can sell their kidneys through the government, which then gives them to patients

  • who need them.

  • This very progressive practice came into play in the 1990s in response to the huge shortage

  • of donated kidneys.

  • It's been extremely effective and now Iran is one of the few countries in the world without

  • a kidney shortage.

  • But it's more than major organs like kidneys and hearts that are in demand.

  • On the black market, skull and teeth sets are sold for about $1,200.

  • Small intestines, $2,500.

  • Blood, about $3,000.

  • Bones and ligaments add up to roughly $5,000.

  • Corneas clock in around $20,000.

  • And skin is also surprisingly valuable, with the average person's outer layer being worth

  • about $24,000.

  • All making you a pretty pricey product.

  • Now, keep in mind that these estimates are just that, estimates.

  • There's no official price list for black market organ sales.

  • But when we take all these price points into account, the human body seems to be worth

  • over $1,000,000 on the black market!

  • Does anyone want both my legs, because my animator can just give me new ones!

  • So how do you feel about all this!?

  • Would you ever consider donating your organs? or

  • let us know in the comment section below what we should talk about next?

  • Curious to know what happens after you die? Check out this video!

  • The bacteria in your gastrointestinal track will start to break down tissues and cells.

  • liquefying your body and producing horrific smelling gases like methane and hydrogen sulfide.

  • as always, my name is Blocko, this has been Life Noggin, don't forget to keep on thinking!

Hey there.


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人体の価値は? (How Much Is The Human Body Worth?)

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