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  • - [Narrator] This is Wesley, a Patagonian mara.

  • He looks like a cross between a deer and a rabbit,

  • but Wesley is actually a rodent.

  • Patagonian maras are only found in parts of central

  • and south Argentina,

  • and even there they are becoming harder to spot.

  • These cute little guys top out at just under three feet,

  • and just over 30 pounds.

  • Their bodies are well adapted for running,

  • and they reach close to 45 miles per hour at full speed.

  • Grass makes up the majority of this herbivore's diet.

  • They prefer living in areas with lots of shrub cover

  • to protect themselves from predators.

  • However, a combination of overgrazing and hunting

  • for their skin has caused a steady decline

  • in their population.

  • This is the Patagonian mara.

- [Narrator] This is Wesley, a Patagonian mara.


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パタゴニアン・マーラはネズミが逃げ回る (The Patagonian Mara Is a Rodent on the Run)

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