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We're gonna make the most incredible
chocolate brownie. Yes!

Who doesn't love a beautiful, delicious
chocolate brownie. I wanna show you a

perfect one. No flavouring, no nuts, no
fruit just chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

It's gonna be crisp and it's gonna puff
up and then it's gonna crack. It's gonna be

gooey in the middle, it's gonna blow your

First up chocolate. Come have a little
look at this. This is beautiful 70 percent

cocoa solid chocolate. 70 percent
means the amount of cocoa solids in the chocolate.

It will taste a little bit
bitter when you eat it like this right

but when you mix it with butter and
sugar and all the other ingredients it's

gonna be amazing.
So 250 grams of chocolate goes in a bowl.

I've got a pan simmering very gently. Put
that over the top. Then I've got 250 grams

of butter. Try and get the best one
you can because the best butter, the best

chocolate, makes the best brownie. So if
you're gonna make brownie it's a

wonderful treat, but if you're gonna do
it do it properly. Do it really, really well.

Dice up the butter and get it into
the bowl and just very gently we wanna

melt that down gently, gently. Next up the
sugar and the eggs. Four eggs into a bowl.

Lovely free-range, organic eggs is gonna
give you a better product. 250 grams of

golden caster sugar and whisk up the
eggs and the sugar until the sugar's

fully dissolved. As you beat it, it goes
pale, fluffy and light and that will be

your texture and it will also give you
the crispiest little topping for your brownie.

And if you want the recipe for
this just click the link go over to

jamieoliver.com I've got this recipe and
thousands of others. Go and fill your boots!

Then it comes to the flour part.
Two heaped tablespoons of self-raising

flour by using the little sieve you're
allowing the flour to be as light and as

delicate as it can be. Two heaped tablespoons of
quality cocoa powder. Use the whisk now

fold it don't beat it. If I just sit
there and beat it then we lose all the

air that we put in to the eggs. The
chocolate is almost done and a lovely

little tip right just get a pinch of
salt and season your chocolate. It sounds

weird but it makes all the difference.
It opens up your

taste buds, it allows you to taste the
full flavour of the chocolate and it

genuinely really does make a difference.
I got given that tip like 25 years ago

from this incredible French chocolatier
and I've always done it since and it works.

And then we're gonna go in with
every last bit of it. Look at that, look

at the colour, look at the shine. Back to
the folding. Have a look at that,

we've still got air in there and of
course at this point you can lick the

whisk, it's filthy but who wouldn't! I've
got myself a lovely cake mould and then

we're gonna go in with that amazing
brownie every last bit of it. Move it

around get it into the corners look at
that. Chocolate heaven. And I've put it

into one of my tins here. If you wanna
check out my lovely range of bakeware

check it out there's a whole bunch of
different shapes and sizes, beautiful colour.

Now I'm gonna put this in an oven
on fan at 180 degrees Celsius which is 350

Fahrenheit and close the door gently and
that's gonna be amazing. It will take

about half an hour to cook but I will
show you exactly what I'm looking for

for the perfect brownie because it looks
like you've got to slightly under cook

it but you've gotta have the faith. Trust

Look at that! That's just under 30 minutes and you can see it's poofed up right it's gone really crisp on the
outside and if you just shake it, can you
see that wobble? Right so I do want it

cooked on the outside but it's slightly
under in the middle and I just wanna

let that cool down for about 15 minutes
before you even think about eating it.

Hold yourself back! Don't go in! Let it
cool down and then you're gonna get more

flavour and you're gonna get more texture.
It's gonna be amazing.

Let's get into there, let's have a look at the texture. I
love the way that when you cut through

it, look that's what you want.
Oozieness. You can see that the top is

almost sharding it's cracking. Guys, guys,
guys. Come and see that. Yes! So this is

what I want for you. Right, it's really
crisp and delicate and thin on the top.

It's kind of spongy around the outside
here and then in the middle it's oozie

and gorgeous and unctious and chocolatey and the chocolate will taste different
because of that cooking, right? So that is
good. We like that. A nice little scoop of

vanilla ice cream. Some hazelnuts,
chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla ice cream.

Come on you know it makes sense! And then
what we love to do in the restaurants is popcorn.

Of course that little bit of heat from
the brownie, it's gonna start to melt the

ice cream really, really nice. Right,
enough talking let's get a nice small

spoon and let's have a little try up.
Mmm! That is a very agreeable brownie it's
really good. Guys go on, that's what you
gotta do this weekend or today and enjoy.

Take care.


How to make Chocolate Brownies | Jamie Oliver

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