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  • My name is Nicole Young and I'm a photographer and author.

  • I wrote this book for people who love food and for photographers of all levels who want

  • to create beautiful images of food.

  • Food is a challenging subject because we are so used to smelling and tasting what we eat,

  • but with photography we can only rely on our sense of sight. When food looks appetizing

  • in a photograph we are tricked into believing that it tastes good, too.

  • In the book I cover basic photographic technique, along with different types of equipment you

  • can use to photograph food, including lighting setups with natural light, flashes and strobes.

  • I show some of the tricks I use to style and plate food for a photograph.

  • There's a section on post-processing using Adobe Photoshop.

  • And I also included an entire chapter showing the behind the scenes of several food setups

  • from start to finish.

  • I hope this book helps to ignite your passion for food photography and inspires you to create

  • delicious works of art.

My name is Nicole Young and I'm a photographer and author.


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食べ物の写真。スナップショットから素晴らしい写真まで (Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots)

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