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Hi everybody.
So, I've been keeping a secret
for months now.
And I've gotta tell ya,
it's hard for me to keep secrets.
Especially when I really, really
like something.
I want everybody to know it immediately.
But, I've kept this a secret until now.
I got an advanced copy
of what everybody is calling
'the book of the season,'
former First Lady, Michelle Obama's
new book, Becoming.
And I gotta tell ya, I loved it so much,
I've already read it twice.
I'm gonna tell y'all,
this book is everything
you wanted to know,
and so much you didn't even
KNOW you wanted to know!
It's a tour de force.
I gotta say I laughed, and I cried,
it is exquisitly written.
She just opens up herself!
It's so vulnerable.
And I'd say that
even if I didn't know her.
I knew I had to choose it
as my latest Book Club selection,
cause it's so great
I couldn't not choose it.
So I want the whole world
to read this book,
I know everybody already is
And if you're in a Book Club,
I tell you you should read it
Read Becoming together.
It is Michelle Obama's
personal story of course,
but I know it's going to spark
within you the desire to think
about your own becoming.
The book is available
starting tomorrow.
So get yourself a copy.
And, while you're at it
buy every woman you know a copy.
Read it together,
y'all are gonna love it.
Go to Amazon.com/OprahsBookClub


Oprah's New Book Club Pick: Becoming, by Michelle Obama | Oprah's Book Club | Oprah Winfrey Network

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