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- [Narrator] I know
something you might not know.

It's not exactly a fact
that I can just tell you,

like how conservation
efforts in northern Michigan

had caused an explosion in
the great wolf population,

or that my frigid state's
abandoned copper mines

were not the place we had
intended on going caving.

I still remember that night in a bar where
in a day's fury of whisky
shots between the both of us

he first pitched the idea
that I should join him

on his yearly upper
peninsula hiking escape.

I remember how I had reluctantly
agreed, despite my plans

to spend that particular
weekend glued to the couch.

That elated pat of approval
which nearly spilled my drink is

one thing that sticks in
my mind quite fervently.

We'd managed to be great friends for years
despite the fact that I was a homeboy,
and he strictly found happiness outdoors.
This was due in part to the fact
that we were both booze hounds.
Only then I found myself thick
in uncomfortable snow gear,

ensnared by a blinding
blizzard which seemed to

all but inhibit his movements.
The only light in the sky
was dull red of twilight

glowing above the snow-capped evergreens.
The equipment we carried
was making my joints ache.

Even though he offered to
shoulder most of the burden,

I carried no less than my fair share,
since he had provided it all.
We planned to set up camp overnight,
then explore the caves in the morning.
Which required gear for
camping, cooking, and climbing,

creating a hefty rustle with each step,
crunching the new-fallen snow.
What I know is more of a
concept that I can only hope to

elucidate through careful
construction of context.

I only ask that you judge
my actions introspectively

as I attempt to explain myself to you.
Slowly but surely, we had
drifted from the trail

as a dizzying number of
trees and snow covering the

twisting path left us
constantly second-guessing

ourselves to where we were at.
Even a meticulous eye on the compass
couldn't help us keep
walking straight through

the haze of biting wind
and obfuscating white.

When we happened upon that
clearing, we had no choice

but to set up shelter
amongst the stumps of

that logged section of forest, leaving me
increasingly grateful to be lugging around
our large, insulated dome tent.
Even as I stood shivering
through the harsh fury,

he had set up a structure
within minutes on his own,

only breathing a sigh of relief
once we'd both crawled inside.
Pouring the whiskey we had
brought would be dangerous

in this cold, so we focused
instead on huddling amongst

the thermal sleeping
tents and dim lanterns.

I had set aside my
complaints of discomfort

as we swept through stories and trail mix,
just like any typical night at the bar.
What I know is, as underlying
as not only necessity,

but as nature itself, I
will tell you what I know

because it could be said in one word.
The howling began at a distance
barely even registering

in our minds, just another faint cry of
the many creatures we
shared the forest with.

The first time it was loud
enough to interrupt our stories,

the shiver crawled up
our backs and he reached

and turned the dial of
the lantern, just in case.

We were quieter now, our
camaraderie suppressed

to a dull whisper, becoming
more and more sparse

until being finally overtaken by silence.
The last cries of the peak
had not sounded far away,

though enough time was
passing for security

to peek its timid head,
only to withdraw once more

as a growl made our eyes shoot open.
I remember how my chest
ached as we knelt by the

plastic window, unzipping
the canvas covering,

appear out in the distant lines
of trees beyond the stumps.

Nausea gripped my stomach
when I carried the sight,

with the first pair of eyes
cutting through the darkness,

reflecting the moon's pale glow.
More and more pairs were quick to dot
that treeline lingering just outside.
I nearly screamed when he
suddenly clenched my wrist

to pull me outside before we
were completely surrounded.

We ended up leaving our gear behind except
for a light rucksack of caving equipment.
Refusing to enter our line
of sight, the eyes and snarls

dashed menacingly along
the conifers as we sprinted

further into the man made clearing,
already wheezing as my
coat fluttered behind me,

the twigs snapping under my foot.
We thought that we were
lucky to have encountered

this cavern along this log-side hill.
A rocky burrow created through narrow,
horizontal passages into
a mining tunnel below.

When I placed my hand
on the unassuming mound

for support as we fled, my stomach dropped
at the sheerness of the pit within.
To enter would mean a
fall of at least 50 feet,

though it would be our best
chance of evading the predators.

So we both braced ourself, I
could scarcely even breathe

looking down into the
snow-banked excavation.

Every instinct tried to pull me back,
crying out, don't jump, you idiot!
It was all my stupid idea.
What I know is...
Hunger isn't a feeling you
get right before dinner

or after skipping breakfast or lunch.
I would've claimed to have
felt hunger before now,

but it was only discomfort.
Hunger isn't just a dull ache
of an unfulfilled routine,

but a fierce agitation of the body
that wastes away without reprieve.
It takes absolute present,
consuming every thought.

It becomes unequivocally
lost in their own hunger.

By the time we had time
to go down the steep drop,

laying crippled in the snow and dirt,
the predators had undoubtedly
moved onto a more accessible

meal, though my friend
had landed on his forearm,

fracturing it as a result of the fall.
The clear agony in his stifled expression
made my skin bristle
and crawl with sympathy.

And I could hardly stand
to look at the swollen,

twisted limb that stood before me.
Even though we had rope and pitons,
climbing out was not an option.
I lacked a physicality to
make the escape on my own,

and his injuries crippled him,
leaving us with only one option,
progressing further into
the abandoned mines.

He guided my hand as I used the pitons and
straps from the harness to bind his arms
in a makeshift splint before
helping him to his feet.

The air was completely still
except for a burrow far above,

and the dusty beams and
torches lining the shaft

had been long since abandoned.
Our only recourse was to start
walking and hope for an exit.

Of course, hope is one
of the many things that

hushed by deafening wails of
hungry pangs in a weary body.

Time was the first of the
things I began to lose track of,

as well as my sense of
direction as the shaft

seemed to twist and loop endlessly,
intercut by maze-like and narrow tunnels
familiar, perhaps, to
some long dead foremen.

I grew to despise our footsteps
made as they echoed into

maddeningly unpredictable
patterns against rock and soil.

We willed our bodies
forward, certain that an exit

could just be around a next
corner, until we became

too exhausted and stopped
to rest, even though we

still held out hope to
wander our way to freedom.

We rationed out what little
water we had responsibly,

preparing to make it
last as long as possible.

And so we continued, pressing
on time and time again

with our tenacity constantly unrewarded.
I imagined the world outside
carrying on without me,

not even noticing the fact
that I hadn't returned

from a hiking trip days
after the scheduled time.

Not even bothering to search
the wet, muggy air of the caves

that stung my throat miserably,
and the soles of my feet

stung horribly with each passing step.
At first my friend matched
my resolve pound for pound,

encouraging me onwards,
but before long I could see

that he too was slowing
and growing weaker.

The fracture in his arm
became even more swollen

than before, terribly
discolored and leaking

a putrid, infected pus,
but we still shuffled on

in our cycle of exhausted
sleep and wandering.

Something changed.
Something changed, now we weren't even
speaking with one another anymore.
Our water reserves had run
dry and a terrible hunger

choked out whatever resolve remained.
We could scarcely even
move if we wanted to,

lying face to face on opposite
sides of the mine shaft

in complete resignation to our fate.
The atmosphere was pure, visceral dread
as we both awaited the
end in the cold darkness,

completely empty and alone.
Would we even realize it when we died?
My awareness was shrinking as I
faded in and out of consciousness.
Sprawled out on the tunnel's
ground, I could barely

register the sickness
which gripped my friend.

Only a short distance away,
he was completely drained of strength.
He couldn't fight off this infection
from his fracture much longer.
And it put a considerable
toll on his health

as he wheezed and quivered,
turning terribly thin and pale.

I could tell at a glance
he'd be gone soon,

leaving me on my own in these
winding, inescapable tunnels.

On the forefront of each thought was
my now intimately familiar hunger,
a sensation so powerful
and exquisitely pervasive

that it completely overtakes the mind,
of crushing it into something primeval.
Some unflinching in its detachment
that could hardly even be called human.
I'm telling you that I know hunger
in the hopes that you will forgive me.
I don't exactly know when my friend died,
if it was starvation or
infection that did him in,

or if it could've been
avoided if we hadn't been

hidden away in these godforsaken
caverns in the first place,

but every urge in my
body focused to a point.

A disgusting proposal
floating on the top of my

meddling hunger, all signs
of life had all vanished.

And his pulse was entirely absent.
I recalled the wolves and
how we had denied them

fulfillment from that oppressive hunger.
How I sought something similar
and so completely perverse.

My fingertips danced
over to the pallid skin

as I found myself having drawn too close,
investigating the cadaver and
subsequently appraising it.

As much as I hate to admit it,
what use did he have for
flesh anymore, anyway?

These thoughts could hardly
even be called my own.

I wouldn't have been
able to tear skin away

with my bare hands, not
in my weakened state.

My tantalized digits
drifted over to the splint,

pulling one of pitons free.
as my hands quivered in disbelief.
Hunger had completely strangled my appeals
to my frazzled mind that
they made to decency.

The metal stake felt heavy in
my hands and I closed my eyes

tautly, repeating to
myself again and again,

he wouldn't feel a thing,
just to steel myself.

My salivating jaw quivered
as I positioned the

pointed tip to pluck three of the most
tender and accessible meat available.
There was only slight
resistance from the soft surface

of his left eye as the membrane
was breached by the stake.

The pitons in the
section, smooth and swift

before being drawn back with a firm tug.
My shaking fingernails were
more than sufficient to tear

away the stake attached to
the back of the round opening.

Leaving blood drizzling down his face as I
popped a macabre reward into my mouth.
It tore easily between my teeth.
A man's gotta eat, right?
The sustenance providing the
corpse beneath my muck-covered

knees didn't even remind
me of a friend anymore,

and the thought of his
wife or children held

no place in my mind as I
punctured the top of his

chest cavity with the piton before
dragging downwards towards the skin.
The sensation was like
tearing a particularly

tough and clammy leather,
and disembowelment

filled my soiled, clenching hands
with a variety of succulent meats.
Perhaps even then I had become something
completely different,
something violently ravenous

as I lifted these greedy
piles of what had been

my friend's insides
into my salivating maul,

skin and organ alike devoured
with wanted detachment.

Squishing heartily between grinding
things as I completely had given in.
I noted something else you might not know,
between my gnashing
teeth and tearing fingers

was a dull sensation of being watched.
Unable to draw myself
away from my first meal

in over a week, I grew
tentative and tense at it,

increasingly apparent
that myself was being

appraised by some unnatural presence,
being judged for my actions
I had taken to survive.

Before I could dwell on
this for far too long,

my meal was interrupted by
a low rumbling laughter.

My filled mouth grunted with
distress as I pulled myself

back to another wall of the
mine shaft, scrambling away at

the realization that the
laughter had come from behind me.

Much like the hunger, what
I now know is something

I've had to discover and reconcile with
in my unnerving brush with morality.
I'd learned that there's a price to pay
for eating these flesh in these woods.
Surely my disemboweled
friend begun to rise

as the separate flaps over his torso
begun to hang loose and open,
allowing what gnarled viscera

that remained to spill
forward onto the dirt below.

(ominous, dramatic music)
His missing left eye offered
a disturbing view of the

howled and bloody caverns
now exposed within his skull.

What -
what had I done?
You can't be serious, he snarled fiercely,
his face twisting with bemused rage,
like he might break out in laughter
or explode at any moment.
I could do naught but
slink back with a guilty

whimper, my thoughts and reasonings
suppressed by this deafening hunger.
I could not even fathom what
caused my friend to rise

or if this was some sort of
hallucination, but what had

possessed his ravaged body
was something unnatural.

Still, he pressed forward with his
supernatural, jerking movements,
flashing his reddened teeth as his words
bored holes into my
head, blood, spit flying

from his frothing, enraged lips.
How could you go and
do such a stupid thing,

giving yourself to him, what
in God's name are you thinking?

I had never heard him take
such an intense and hostile

tone in my life, as my lungs
burned I hyperventilated

in the muggy air, my chest
rising and falling radically

as my gaze locked with
one of the remaining eyes

in that vindictive body
shuffling towards me

until it loomed overhead creating
a splitting pain in each temple.
Just as the body descended onto
me to pin me against a wall

I threw myself out of the way,
recuperating on my knees
just a short distance away

before plunging back onto
my feet and scrambling

down the open tunnel,
desperate to escape this

mortifying consequence of my actions.
A terrified and guttural
wail built in my throat

as my arms and legs
pumped in reckless sprint.

Tattered boots smacking
against the compact dirt

and echoing down the twisting caverns,
I knew only one thing,
and that is I must run,

but I had no idea where to go.
Suddenly, the pressure in
my temples burst forth,

sending me crashing to my knees in agony
before writhing on my back,
twisting and thrashing.

I placed my hands on my
head, I could feel twisted,

bony protrusions sprouting forth.
Pushing free from my skull
with an awful grinding crunch

which made my eyes
water and my teeth grit,

my wails throat's pain
reverberated through the caverns.

Only to be answered by one creature,
a brown-cloaked figure loomed above me
as my head, wracked with agony.
A quiet observer who
had only now drawn near.

Its head was a bleached deer skull
sporting an imposing pair
of familiar looking antlers,

though the blinding pain which
wrecked every fiber of my being.
I couldn't feel any fear
towards this creature,

instead just belonging.
There's a price to pay for satisfying
my hunger with such inhuman depravity.
And humanity was precisely
the debt I had incurred.

Hunger had regressed my mind
into something detached and

animalistic, and now I was
changing to reflect that.

Now I belonged to the Medea.
Discarding the flesh peeling
from my face and head in droves

I threw my head back in another stark cry.
(distant howling)
A cry for a hunt.
A cry to feed.
And let me tell you something.
There's only one thing I know now,
and it's a thing that I told you,
and it's a thing I can
sum up with only one word,

and the only thing is I still know.
(menacing laughter)
- [Announcer] Watch new scary vids
every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
(upbeat instrumental music)


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