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Where is here ?
anybody here ? Aimeeda! Grenier!
Wh..what is this ?
what are these monters...
What do you want ?
hahaha...feel fear ?
Obey me, and accept your fate, you will become a important part of piece.
me ...... part of piece..... fate ......
yes, fate ! Do you think your fate meaning ?
About our conversation...and the most important the blood inside your body! This is fate!
Demonic sword "Alhazard" will be return! Feel inside your heart, you had the answer, isn't it ?
Inside my heart......answer......me......
Don't listen his fakement!
Finally! The warrior of "langrisser" protector, goddess of light didn't abadon you!
ha! we meet again old women! But this is my territory, don't trying to do somethings useless!
Hahahaha! come, what can you do with alone!
I'm not didn't prepared!
The goddess of light, Please listen to my request.
The chaos force is coming to the son of fate, journey is started. I'm in the name of mortal goddess of light. Please lend me force of light.
The ancient warriors! In the name of goddess summon you all!
Here is Erwin radiance legion! never surrender to evil! The power of holy sword is on your hand!
I'm the Blue Dragon Knights leader, Leon! Come on, the enemy just darkness lackey!
hmm! just illusions, all march!
Young one, here is just your dream, don't afraid of the things your facing now, trust yourself!
come, follow my lead, first step close to your enemy!
"click on the target"
is this......my power......
ohh? you this piece of cake want to against me!
Just give up, obey me! I can give you no limit wealth and right!
I refuse! I trust them more than you! Because they didn't ask me to give up my pride to obey anyone!
......then just die.
This way enemy just leave it to me!
"click on the moving area"
"click on the skill"
"select target"
hmm! let me help you too!
All is enough, darkness will never win brightness!
ohh! You are still having the magic power like this.
Then, how about this?
In the name of darkness i summon you, come show up my servent!
......this is bad!
Damn, summon this kind of monster!
Feel real of pain......is this......really a dream.......
hahahaha......obey me! follow me! knee me! go die!
Our power still not enough against him.
The goddess of light please grant us a hope!
......goddess's radiance......my conscious......all are become white color......
hmm,don't trying to against, i had found your location, we will meet in actual world soon!
Welcome, venture.
My name is Lushiris, world call me as goddess of light.
Now, this world is under threat
I was waiting so many years looking of someone brave like you.
and then i will ask you few of question for ordeal you are the one i was waiting for.
venture please answer my question.
How you will do, when you replenish but the enemies attack you ?
1) Retreat

2) Defense

3) Fight

Ok, i got it.
What's your view about creating a invincible force is needed ?
1 ) Destructive power

2 ) Calm Judgment

3 ) Excellent Action

Ok, i got it.
What do you think, where is the god?
1 ) Non-Existence

2 ) In Heaven

3 ) Myself is God

Ok, i got it.
What's the point you were living in this world ?
1 ) To Get What I Want

2 ) To Revenge

3 ) To Protect What I Want

I have got your answer.
What requirement for become a hero?
1 ) Perseverance

2 ) Commander

3 ) Courage

I have got your answer.
What's the meaning of love for you?
1 ) Mutual Giving

2 ) Receive Only

3 ) Giving Only

I have got your answer.
The last, why you want to fight?
1 ) For Honor

2 ) For Homeland

3 ) For The People I Love

I have got your answer.
Are you accept this result from according of your answers?
Start your journey, venture! Blessing you, victory is waiting for you.
Trust yourself, and don't abandon your faith.



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