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  • This is the most oddly satisfying video on the internet

  • I mean we've had some other ones before, they were pretty satisfying

  • but I think this one's gonna be even more satisfying; strangely satisfying.

  • I said satisfying so many times. It's a fun word to say.

  • Satisfaction.

  • *funky music*

  • Here we go, are you guys ready? The original video first link in the description, try not to get satisfied.

  • This is gonna be pretty hard but in a lot of cases a lot of people get satisfied too easily.

  • Actually no.

  • Hi guys you're watching Reaction Time take on the challenge of meeting.

  • If you feel like that was a little a sign of satisfaction

  • Just looking at this video, then you're lost alright. Let's do it.

  • Why does that look weird and cool at the same time?

  • If only the paint didn't drip down it would look so cool.

  • Pottery always makes me feel satisfied just looking at it. It's so satis-. Okay

  • What?

  • This is my favorite one so far we barely started but that didn't even look like it was penetrating the wood

  • Satisfaction, just pure. Let's watch that again.

  • Why am I so into this? This is strangely weird.

  • I think you guys are already lost like when you saw that that that went through like butter.

  • No, no, bro. You can't be doing. Oh

  • That's not even satisfying, I'm hungry now, I wanna I wanna eat one of these okay, that's cool

  • Is he gonna brown up?

  • What is that?

  • Okay, you know what's so weird about this video? This background music is like some weird romantic song.

  • It's like it's like you're looking at this and you're falling in love.

  • Oh

  • Get out of here, get out!

  • Dude, dude, that's so beautiful.

  • Are you seeing what I'm seeing that doesn't look that appropriate, eh hmm.

  • All right, we'll just keep going you better not have a dirty mind.

  • I feel like falling asleep right now.

  • *sheep bleating*

  • Dude that's nice, but it's not even smooth.

  • This thing is it's like hard, but the knife is so sharp.

  • What is that? What? Oh it has those magnets think I've seen these before. They look cool.

  • Mix it, mix it faster. What? Did it just went from, it went from black to clear, bro get out.

  • Okay, we need a break. I know you're satisfied.

  • *slurp*

  • This, this will go great with a cup of coffee, or some hot cocoa.

  • Is that like a wood stain?

  • Hold up

  • That was the trippiest thing I've ever seen right now. That's a glass ball.

  • It inverted the light so it looks like the picture is backwards. It looks like they're all in that little sphere.

  • Okay, that's a freakin butterfly are you guys serious right now? That does not satisfy me.

  • Oh okay. That's cool. That's more cool and satisfying.

  • I have no words. I could literally watch a video like this for 30 minutes without taking my eyes off the screen.

  • It's mesmerizing.

  • Another color?

  • Ha, you're wild.

  • What they missed the line! How's that satisfying go back they literally missed the line, are you serious? This is the line

  • this is where they went, okay sorry I'm a little OCD about the stuff.

  • That's not satisfying you have to clean that knife.

  • I love it when it's like perfectly.

  • Don't mess up the line! Nice nice ah the ending looks kind of bad.

  • What. Is that metal?

  • So many colors guys is so beautiful.

  • It keeps going.

  • Are you serious did they put that in reverse right now?

  • Now they're putting things in reverse you know satisfying that is?

  • Get outta here.

  • Okay guys, I want you to check out the original video first link down below. I actually really enjoyed this. I feel relaxed right now. Oh.

  • Oh I cracked my back. Oh, I could take a nice nap, but thank you so much for watching guys. Hope you guys enjoyed the video.

  • I'll be checking out some more. If you got satisfied

  • let me know down in the comments below cuz I'm pretty sure you did don't lie to me. You lost the challenge

  • I hope you guys have a good one check out more videos subscribe, and I'll see you next time peace out.

This is the most oddly satisfying video on the internet


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インターネット上で最も奇妙なほど満足できる動画 (The Most Oddly Satisfying Video On The Internet)

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