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    初紹介: インカ

  • Pachacuti leads the Inca in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm.

    「嵐の訪れ」でインカを率いるのは パチャクティ

  • Though many of the details of his remarkable reign are lost to history, Pacachuti led the expansion of Cusco into the organized and powerful Incan empire.

    業績の記録の多くは失われているが クスコ王国を強大なインカ帝国に変えた

  • The Inca's unique improvement is the Terrace Farm.


  • These can only be placed on Hills, and provide Food, plus additional Food for adjacent Mountains.

    丘陵にのみ設置できて食料を産出する 山岳に隣接するとさらに食料が増える

  • Terrace Farms also provide Production for adjacent Aqueducts and Fresh Water.

    用水路や真水に隣接していれば 生産力も得られる

  • The Inca's unique ability is Mit'a which allows Citizens to work Mountain tiles.

    インカの固有能力はミタ制で 市民が山岳で働けるようになる

  • Mountain tiles provide Production, as well as Food for adjacent Terrace Farms.

    山岳は生産力を産出し 隣接した棚畑から食料も生み出す

  • The Warak'aq is the Inca's unique unit.


  • This Medieval reconnaissance unit can attack twice in a turn if it hasn't used all of its movement points.

    中世の偵察ユニットで 移動力が残っていれば2回攻撃できる

  • Pacachuti's unique ability is Qhapaq Ñan.

    パチャクティの固有能力は カパック・ニャン

  • Domestic Trade Routes get additional Food for Mountains in the origin city.

    起点の都市に山岳タイルがあると 国内の交易路が食料を追加する

  • He also has access to the Qhapaq Ñan improvementan early version of the new Mountain Tunnel improvementafter discovering Foreign Trade.

    カパック・ニャンは対外貿易で解除され 山岳トンネルの初期版として活躍する

  • For the Inca, Mountain tiles are more than just great defenses.

    インカにとって山岳タイルは 単なる守りの壁ではない

  • Pacachuti's unique ability, along with plenty of Terrace Farms, means the Inca will truly thrive in their sprawling mountain cities.

    パチャクティの固有能力と棚畑で 繁栄を支える貴重な資源となる

  • As Pacachuti, you can lead your civilization without worrying too much about outside influenceinternal trade routes are stronger than ever, making this a great isolationist civilization.

    パチャクティは国内交易路が強力なため 外部の影響を受けず 孤立しても問題ない

  • Will your civilization reach its peak in the mountains?


  • How will you lead the Inca in Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Gathering Storm?

    「嵐の訪れ」で インカが君の導きを待っている


初紹介: インカ


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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm - ファーストルック。インカ (Civilization VI: Gathering Storm - First Look: Inca)

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