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  • (peaceful music)

  • - [Woman] The idyllic islands of French Polynesia

  • may seem like a relaxing paradise

  • of pristine reefs and clear waters,

  • but take a dip below the surface.

  • Are you ready for a swim?

  • Fakarava is a rectangular shaped atoll

  • located in French Polynesia in the South Pacific Ocean.

  • The southern parts of Farkarava

  • is known as the gray shark wall

  • due to having the highest concentration

  • of gray reef sharks in the world.

  • Since 2006, the sharks have been protected from fishing,

  • which is attributed to their population increase.

  • During the day the sharks are fairly docile

  • and conserve energy, ready to hunt their pray at night.

  • Although the exact number of sharks

  • found Fakarava is uncertain, with only 650 human residents,

  • it's likely the people are outnumbered.

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(peaceful music)


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サメの壁を泳ぐ (Swimming Through the Wall of Sharks)

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