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Two years is nothing, but at the same time
a lot can be accomplished in two years.

You can try a sport you've always wanted
to start, and become great at it.

You can start a morning routine and affect
your mood and stress at a deep level.

You can meditate for a few minutes per day,
become more self-aware and change the way

you react to problems.
You can start a business and make it a big

Two years is nothing and extremely easy to
waste, but with small actions, substantial

commitment and consistency, you can make it
count, a lot.

Two years being passive is a blink of an eye.
Two years moving towards goals every single
day is plenty of time, it's just a matter

of perspective.
There is nothing that cannot be accomplished
in two years with enough effort.

You're not too old for the things you were
dreaming of doing when you were a kid.

You can still do extreme sports if you wish

You can start playing a musical instrument.
You can become a photographer.
In two years from now, you'll be great at
it if you really want to.

Don't let your past dictate who you are,
you don't have to be the same person you

have always been.
Don't let fear control you.
Don't let the social standards conform you.
Age is just a number, we should all empower
our uniqueness and fight against our own limitations.

By doing things you love on a daily basis,
even for a few minutes, you'll learn to

enjoy the journey.
The days will become more than just a means
to an end.

You'll see yourself evolving.
If you had the choice between feeling great,
energetic and in a positive mood, versus feeling

sleepy and moody, what would you choose?
It's just a choice, which combined with
small, even tiny actions like reducing meat

or alcohol consumption, or simply drinking
more water, walking the stairs or biking to

the office, can do wonders.
It's not about the end goal, it's about
daily actions towards it.

It's also the reason why morning routines,
or ten minutes daily meditation sessions are

bringing such great changes in terms of mood,
productivity, stress management, etc.

Replace Tv shows and movies by documentaries
and books.

Monitor your days more, get in control of
how you spend your time.

Take back the control of your health, mood
and time.

Practice gratefulness.
See the results in two years.
Be kind with people.
Start with your family, don't go mad one
more time.

Stop judging, see the good in them and remember
that you love them more than anything.

In your working life, being kind and nice
can bring you more respect from people who

surround you than being bossy and aggressive.
Learn to say “No” often (for the right
reasons), people will accept it more and value

your “Yes” more, because your time's
value will increase.

You don't need to be scary to be respected.
It's about building trust and healthy long
term relationships.

Try this and in two years from now your reality
will be so different.

Silence your ego, love and trust others enough
for two years, harvest for ten years or more.

It has a lot to do with setting goals, but
goals without actions are just wishes.

The easiest way to reach goals is through
daily and consistent small (even tiny) actions.

It's all about consistency, commitment,
and regularity.

Success is not an event, it's a process
and a mindset.

Small actions are putting you in the position
of succeeding.

Small actions make huge differences.
Look at yourself in the mirror in two years
and you'll think “that was quick!”.



You don't need more than two years

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