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- [Narrator] It was a final
stride to produce a spark

in the hope that that spark
would ignite a dying flame.

But after the accident four years ago,
the tension in the atmosphere
between myself and Karen

was simply frozen, I
mean our relationship was

beyond on thin ice, it had fully melted
into a river of mindless
blame and guilty regret.

And she wanted a divorce.
I mean, I didn't but I
guess I knew deep down

that it was inevitable.
In the winter 2014 Karen
and I had been together

for six years, we've
been married for three

and I have to say, our
connection was on another level.

Beyond comprehension, like we were on fire
with electrically charged passion
until our emotions met face to face
with spontaneous combustion.
February frost layered the midnight road
as the full moon reflected
glistening flickers of diamond

surrounding the yellow cat
eyes guiding our car home.

We were coming back from Karen's
brother's birthday party.

We were only like three
miles from the house.

It was a Tuesday night, the
road was completely void

of any other signs of life,
empty, vacant and inanimate.

Until it suddenly lit up.
I was driving, Karen was
way too drunk to drive

and I shouldn't have been behind the wheel
of that car either and I
knew that but no one else

at the party seemed sober
enough to understand that.

So I was admittedly way beyond my limit.
And I take full responsibility for that.
But I felt so pressured!
My wife, her brother, even his wife, they,
they all kept pushing me to drive.
They kept saying thing like,
it's not that far, you'll be the only one
on the road, don't be a wimp.
You know?
It was hard, we should have just walked.
But we didn't.
I got behind the wheel of that car
and within one mile from our
house I destroyed everything

that Karen and I ever had.
But the darker side of
the story would stain

our entire lives forever,
til death do us part.

Karen wanted to hear some music
but she was too drunk
to work the car stereo.

She was in full on blacked-out
party mode at this stage.

I was trying to find a station for her,
when I noticed that she
was taking off her clothes.

She was looking at me licking her lips.
I remember looking into
her beautiful blue eyes

and thinking how hot she looked and bam!
We hit a young woman walking home
from her next door neighbor's house.
She died instantly, she
was seven months pregnant.

It took the ambulance a full
hour to get to our location.

It took the cops two.
When the blues finally arrived
and finished taking our statements,
they breathalyzed me but
of course I was no longer

over the legal limit at that stage.
So the accident was attributed to frost.
A frost that chilled both Karen
and I down to cracked shells

of our formed selves, worn
out insoles of our souls.

If that.
We never forgave ourselves
or each other for that matter

and we were never the same again.
Why would we be?
We were the worst kind of murderers.
And we got away with it.
We slept in our own beds that very night
while the dead woman's husband
identified the baldy broken

pregnant body of his wife.
Come to think of it, we
didn't do much sleeping.

And I sill don't.
Four hard, long years later
Karen served me with divorce papers.
She had nothing left, I knew it.
She told me that she was empty inside
and that the only way we
could possibly move on

was to not be together.
I didn't want her to go,
pack her stuff and move out

but she was doing the right thing.
So she started putting
her stuff into boxes.

Her brother Stephen caught wind of this
and he wasn't happy, apparently
Karen told his wife Alison

about the divorce papers and
Alison had tried to talk Karen

out of it but Karen told
Alison her mind was set.

Stephen came straight over to the house
with Alison and they begged
us not to give up hope.

Stephen broke down and told
us how responsible he felt

for everything that had
happened that night in 2014.

I tried to tell him that he
was only prolonging our pain

by trying to convince us to stay together.
Karen agreed, then Alison started crying
and mumbling that it was all her fault.
I told everyone very firmly
that it was my fault and mine alone.
I could have chosen not to
drive that night but I did.

And that's that.
When I said that,
everyone stopped talking.

There was an awkward
silence echoing of the walls

in the room for several
moments while everyone realized

the inevitable truth, it was over.
Then a single heartbeat spoke.
It was Stephen, he made us promise to go
on one more camping trip
before we part ways for good.

We used to go camping with
them five or six times a year.

You know, two couples, open air, beer,
blazing fire, tents,
all that kind of stuff.

To be honest, it was
something I hadn't realized

that I was going to miss or something
that I was already missing.
I glanced across the room at Karen,
she was already looking at me.
I could see an ever so slight
raise in her high cheekbones.

The thought of a final
camping trip pleased her.

It was a spark.
Two days later we packed our bags
and headed for the Freetown State Forest.
Stephen drove, I hadn't driven
a car since the accident.

I set up front in the passenger's seat
and you know what, the
drive over to Massachusets

was unexpectedly alive and energetic.
I mean, it was like magic.
Karen's mood was in a state
I hadn't seen it in since,

since I could last remember.
Her and Alison buzzed in the back set
while I controlled the music.
For the first time in four
years I could touch a car stereo

without flashbacks from the accident.
And there was this playfulness
between Karen and I.

Not quite a fire but a definite hope.
It felt good.
Karen had decided to bring
one of our old photo albums

along for the trip, neither
of us had looked at pictures

in a long long time, hell we
hadn't taken a single picture

together in four years.
The day before we left Karen told me
that if there was a chance for us,
even a single shred of light,
she figured we'd find it

in that photo album or in those woods.
We arrived at Freetown State
Forest at about 3:30 p.m.

On the way in, just past the forest sign
something ran across the road,
inches away from the car,

causing Stephen to swerve
and come to full stop

in the middle of the road.
Now, I admittedly didn't get a good look
at whatever it was but I
thought I saw an animal.

Like a deer or something,
but I don't know,

it was too fast and Karen and
Alison didn't see anything.

Stephen swore it wasn't a deer.
He said it had antlers but he
swears it was wearing a cloak

and had a skull for a head or something.
I assured him that it was just a deer
and eventually he agreed
and shrugged it off.

I mean, it gave us all the
shakes for a few minutes

but we all calmed down
surprisingly quick considering,

well you know, 2014.
Anyway, we parked the car
and walked for about a mile

to set up camp somewhere
far away from other campers.

When we got to our site,
the ladies made a fire pit

while Stephen and I set up the tents.
And again, the mood
was as sunny and bright

as the September weather
that surrounded the woods.

For a moment I thought the
trip might actually be working.

Three hours later we had
music from a wind-up radio.

A campfire blazing and the
sun was setting beautifully

under the tops of the
trees surrounding our site.

The four of us sat around the
fire and conjured up memories

that I had forgotten about.
We laughed through the years of our past
and fought of the tears of a future
that we all silently feared would have
a drastic effect on, well, all of us.
As Stephen recalled a camping trip
from years ago when we
all encountered a bear

that was fond of marshmallows,
I looked over at Karen

only to find her gaze was
already consuming my direction.

She smiled under her brother's voice
and continued to gaze at me
through the dancing flame

burning between us, igniting the spark
that I was looking for.
We still had a chance.
After hours of reminiscing,
several adult beverages

and a bit of admittedly tone-deaf singing,
Stephen and Alison said
goodnight to Karen and I

before disappearing through
the unzipped hatch in their tent.
I winded up the radio to
give it another charge

and threw some more logs on the fire
while Karen disappeared into
our tent to get something.

Moments later Karen returned
and silently sat down

right next to me, in front of the fire,
holding a massive black
leather photo album.

I knew this album very well.
It had pictures in it from
as far back as the first year

Karen and I started dating,
all the way up to our wedding

and honeymoon, I could feel it.
This was our redemption, or at
least it was supposed to be.

Karen smiled into my
eyes, leaned toward me,

lightly pressed her warm lips against mine
and kissed me for the first time
in four heartbreaking years.
It felt so good.
It felt so.
But it was the last time
that Karen would ever kiss me again.
Karen placed the photo album in our laps
and slowly opened it to the
first page of photographs.

So many memories came flooding back to me.
Karen immediately began to tear up.
We held each other for an hour
and talked about every
single photo in that album.

One by one until we got to the last photo.
As Karen turned the
final page in the album,

there was one last full page
photograph of us on the left.

We were in a car, driving somewhere,
like a road trip or
something, I don't remember,

but what I do remember
is that both of our faces

were completely scratched off the photo.
It took me a minute to realize it was us.
To be honest I, I
recognized the car first.

It was that car, our murder weapon.
Then our attention was drawn to the inside
of the back cover of the album.
The right side.
Across from the haunting
photo of Karen and I,

there was something written
in red, fresh red liquid.

I read it out loud, if you
yourself cannot release,

then it will come to take a piece.
I asked Karen if she did this,
if she destroyed the photo
and wrote the message

but she swore that she didn't.
I told her that it wasn't very funny
and that I felt very hurt by this
but again, she promised me
that she had nothing to do

with what was in that album.
She was about to say something else
when a horrifying sound rang out
through the midnight forest.
(distant wailing)
We dropped the photo album
as we sprang up to our feet

like stray cats caught off-guard.
We could hear a ticking sound coming
from somewhere around us,
like a clock or something.

Karen shrieked in terror
and grabbed onto me tightly.

She was trembling, I quickly
shut off the radio sitting

to my left so I could listen.
The ticking had stopped,
but it was that first noise

that had me shook up, I never heard
anything like it in real life.
It was monstrous and
instantly hair-raising.

Karen and I stood frozen
in front of the fire

with our eyes dancing all
around the thick darkness

that engulfed the forest.
After a few moments of silence
and no further creepy sounds, I told Karen
that it was more than
likely just an animal

and that we probably shouldn't worry
as most animals wouldn't come
very close to an open fire.

She was about to reply
when we both saw it.

A sight that will haunt me forever.
Standing on the other side of the fire,
sneering at us through
the flames was a terror

that we could never have imagined.
The first thing I've noticed was teeth.
The bottom half of the
creature's disfigured face

was mostly made up of sharp pointed teeth
that lined the inside of its
black rotten corroded gums

or lips, I'm not sure which.
And its face was void of
any facial expressions

other than ghastly scars
that covered its entire head.

It had no eyes, no nose, no ears, no hair,
just, just old dirty
skin with raw open wounds

that appeared to be in
bad need of stitches.

And that creepy thing
was wearing a gray suit

with a white button up shirt.
It just stood there,
silently smiling at us.

We didn't know what to say
or do, we were shocked.

We didn't even scream.
I remember that the thing
was wearing read cloth

fingerless gloves, at
the end of each finger

was a long black claw.
I started to ask what it wanted,
but the second I opened
my mouth it started

rounding the fire and
walking toward Karen and I.

We bolted towards
Stephan and Alison's tent

in full on sprint.
As we got closer, Karen began
screaming Stephen's name

and begging him to wake up.
Neither him nor Alison answered.
We got to the tent and Karen
fumbled with the zippers

still crying out for
her brother to wake up.

I looked behind us, the creature was gone
and the forest was silent.
And then I heard the tent unzip
and Karen scream in sheer anguish.
(dramatic music)
I will never forget how
long that scream echoed

in the blackness of that dark forest.
I snapped my head back towards
Stephen and Alison's tent

and saw what my wife
saw, Stephen and Alison,

or what was left of them.
My brother-in-law and his
wife were both missing

one of their legs from the hip down.
It also appeared that the leg bones
that made up the limbs
that they were missing

had been used to impale their torsos.
One of Alison's severed feet was crammed
so far down Stephen's throat,
that his jaw had become unhinged.
Alison suffered the same fate
with one of Stephen's feet.

They both appeared to
have been folded in half

backwards at the waist.
And they were disemboweled.
There was blood everywhere!
Karen was screaming and delirious.
When suddenly that hideous sound rang out
through the woods again, this time
it was much closer than before.
(distant wailing)
Karen and I were still facing
Stephen and Alison's tent,

too horrified to turn around.
I looked at Karen, I was
about to tell her to run

when two red gloved
fingerless black clawed hands

grabbed both sides of her
face and dragged her away

into the darkness of the woods so fast
that it was as if she was never there.
I spun around and shouted her name
but it was met with nothing other
than echoes of my own voice.
I stumbled toward the dying camp fire
and called out for my wife again.
No response.
I was about six feet
away from the fire pit

when the beheaded body of Karen fell
from somewhere up above
me and landed in the fire.

I instinctively turned
around to make a run for it

and ran directly into the creature.
It had been standing
behind me, quietly smiling.

I fell on my back, on the ground,
at the feet of the suited monster.
As I shuffled away on the ground,
I accidentally kicked our photo
album halfway into the fire.

When I did this, the
creature before me hissed

as though it was in pain,
it fell to its knees

and then began crawling
toward me on all fours,

snapping at my feet as it got closer.
I kicked the photo album
further into the camp fire,

enraging the creature
into a frenzy of fury.

It jumped up on its bent knees
with its fist on the ground
and prepared to pounce

like a cat, it all happened so quick.
But I recall it in haunting slow motion.
I remember the creature's
body leaving the ground

and launching toward me
with an open mouth intent

on doing damage to my flesh.
I remember thinking,
this is my final moment.

Then out of nowhere, accompanied
by that dreadful sound

we'd heard earlier something clashed
with the suited creature mid
air and took it to the ground.

The two things landed
hard on the forest floor

with a heavy thud as they
tumbled over each other.

I climbed up to my feet
and ran as fast as I could

through the forest and
away from the campsite.

I stumbled through the dark forest
for what seemed like hours.
I had no shoes, no water
and adrenaline had consumed

most of my energy, there were thorns
and other things all over my body
but I could only feel
one thing, exhausted.

I finally found a black top road
and collapsed the second
I got on top of it.

Then everything went black.
I woke up in a hospital,
handcuffed to my bed.

The police came into my
room and questioned me.

And I told them everything,
the entire uncut truth.

And they didn't believe me.
I could tell straight away,
they asked me to describe

the other thing that saved me
but all I could remember was
that it had antlers like a deer

and it made a terrible sound.
I was arrested that night
and later on I was convicted

of the first degree murder of
my wife, Stephen and Alison.

I was sentenced to death
by a jury of my peers.

And now I'm just waiting.
But something tells me that
I may not make it that far.

That my time is up.
My time is up.
- [Woman] Help me!
- [Narrator] Watch new scary bits every
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
(electronic music)


LOOK-SEE vs. MORDEO Creepypasta feat. MrBlackpasta | Scary Creepypasta Story | Crypt TV

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