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(glasses clinking)
(people chatting)
(calm music)
- Evan?
- Ben.
- Hey, man. What's up? - What's up?
- Good to see you. - Good seeing you.
- Have a seat. Uh, some-some coffee? Desserts?
- Um. No, I'm good.
- You're good?
Oh ya, yours. Here's the paperwork for you.
I've already paid a deposit for the first month.
Just need your signature.
- Are you, uh, coming back from vacation or something?
- Uh, no. I just got here from Korea actually.
- So you were on vacation.
- No. No. No. No. No. It's my first day here.
- Oh, nice. I'm from up north.
- North? So is that Washington? Oregon?
- No, uh, the valley. Northridge.
- The valley. Yeah, yea. Yea. Yea.
- You don't know what that is? Doesn't matter.
Uh, should we get outta here?
(birds chirping)
- Alright.
- Okay.
- Alright.
- Dude, this place is legit.
Fully furnished? Yes!
- Woahhh, bro.
- What?
- Why do you have your shoes on?
- What? What should I have on?
- Well, your feet or socks.
- Th-then My feet or socks will get dirty.
- Well, that's why you don't wear it in the first place.
So the floor won't get dirty.
- I see. This is one of those which came first,
the chicken or the egg scenarios.
- No. Doesn't matter what came first.
They both had their shoes off.
- Dude, these are clean, alright?
- Let me just refresh your memory.
- Upon leaving the coffee shop, you stepped on a puddle.
I noticed there was a dog near by,
(dog bark)
a really good chance that the liquid was from the dog.
When we were crossing the street,
you stepped on a dead squirrel and
a half eaten BLT, and questionable slime,
as we were walking by the barn.
Now imagine bringing all that into this house.
We can't have,
I know you went to a public restroom with that shoes on.
That is disgusting.
- I've lived my entire life wearing shoes indoors.
Nothing bad has ever happened to me.
No squirrel virus.
I feel naked without them.
It'd be like not wearing underwear.
Plus, I made really good use of the floor mat outside.
We're gonna be fine, man.
Come on, we're talking about shoes here.
(mysterious music)
- Really?!
- In Korea, we clean the floors every single day.
And, wash our feet before bed.
It's a thing.
- So the whole country has OCD.
(car driving)
- [Ben] You ready?
- Aw, crap.
My phone.
- Car's here man.
(dramatic music)
(funky music)
What are you doing, dude?
- I don't want to lay-sim-a-book-it, man.
- What?
I don't know if that's madness, or dedication.
- It's acceptance. Let's go.
(funky music)
(water bubbles)
- What is this?
- Oh, I'm making Korean food. I hope you like tofu.
- No, this, man. Wh-what is all this?
- Oh this. Well I went to E-kant today, and got inspired.
- E-what?
- E-kant, you know, the furniture store?
- Ikea.
- No, it's E-kant--
- Whatever dude, w-what did you, you divided the land?
You'd rather do that than have one unified policy here?
- The red lines are my shoe free zone,
the blue lines are your shoes on territory.
The entrance, is the common area. DMZ.
- It's like a giant game of twister.
I made sure everything was measured correctly so...
we have fair space.
- Did you say tofu?
- Yup.
(bouncy music)
My friend?
Due diligence.
- Okay.
I can't even reach the fridge, man.
(crickets chirping)
- What? You're building a wall?
- Just to be sure. You know to be fair,
this is a country of laws; it's nothing personal, man.
- I give up. Dude, this has gone too far.
You want me to take my shoes off? Here.
I give up, I surrender. You win. We're roommates,
we're not supposed to be living like enemies.
(book closes)
- You're right.
- I did take this a little too far, but, hey,
at the end of the day,
I'm glad we could come to an agreement, like roommates.
- Tear down that wall.
(hands slap)
(bouncy violin music)


You Should Take Your Shoes Off Korea Vs. America

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