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  • Today at Agnew we're going to talk about

  • the 5 most important things you need to know

  • about simultaneous interpretation.

  • First are the interpreters.

  • Simultaneous interpretation takes a graduate level education

  • and years of training and practice.

  • And it's very important to match your interpreters expertise

  • with the subject matter you are presenting.

  • The second most important part of simultaneous interpretation

  • are reference materials

  • Any documents, reports, or presentations

  • you can provide the interpreter before the event

  • will ensure your message is delivered effectively.

  • Third is an ISO certified interpretation booth

  • The booth provides a controlled environment

  • where the interpreters can focus on their work

  • and not disturb the audience.

  • The fourth most important thing you need

  • for a successful simultaneous interpretation event

  • are qualified technicians and equipment.

  • We use infrared systems for secure transmissions

  • FM for large single language events

  • and digital systems for large Multilanguage conferences.

  • Finally, one of the most overlooked elements

  • of a successful interpretation event

  • is Project Management.

  • At Agnew Multilingual

  • we assign a dedicated project manager

  • to handle all of your interpretation logistics.

  • From selecting the right interpreters

  • and gathering the reference materials

  • to setting up the booths

  • and managing the technicians

  • Our project managers

  • will make sure you have a successful event.

Today at Agnew we're going to talk about


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同時通訳。知っておくべき5つのこと (Simultaneous Interpretation: Five things you need to know)

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