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  • The point of this video is to teach you how to fix a problem with steam

  • that doesn't let you download games or updates

  • As you can see when I try to download an update on steam it just stays at 0/bytes

  • And it just doesn't download whatsoever

  • This happens when I try and download new games or games already in my library

  • and

  • the only thing that seems to work is workshop content

  • So if you are having this problem or a similar problem

  • then I am going to show you a method that worked for ME to fix it

  • it might not work for you but I am just going to share it because it worked for me

  • My problem was with Windows Firewall, so you are going to want to open up Windows Firewall

  • and disable it

  • and then you are going to want to restart Steam and see if your downloads start working again

  • this was the problem for me, as soon as I disabled Firewall my steam started working normally

  • so I knew that Windows Firewall was the problem

  • also if you have any Anti-virus software

  • I don't use any but they usually have a Firewall built into those as well

  • so if you have some Anti-Virus installed you are going to want to open it up, go in the settings

  • and disable the firewall that is most likely build into that as well

  • so if after disabling Windows Firewall your downloads start to work again you know that

  • it's the Windows Firewall that was causing the problem

  • so now what you want to do is go back to Windows Firewall

  • enable it but then you want to restore default settings

  • this means all the programs that you have got installed when you start them up again

  • it will ask for new permissions that's basically all it is going to do

  • it's just going to completely reset all of the settings on the firewall

  • you just saw that after resetting the settings on the Firewall

  • I restarted steam and once I re-opened it a box came up asking to give it permissions through the firewall

  • so I did that and now as you can see my games are downloading normally

  • so if this video helped you out I would appreciate it if you leave a like

  • and if you need any more help just leave a comment and I will try and do my best to help you

The point of this video is to teach you how to fix a problem with steam


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Steamがゲームをダウンロードしない/アップデートBUG FIX [WORKING 2018] (Steam Not Downloading Games/Updates BUG FIX [WORKING 2018])

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