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1415. Northern France.
The Hundred Years war continues.
After spending the Autumn months campaigning in Northern France Henry V King of England is making his way home.
But first he must contend with a large army awaiting him near the town of Agincourt.
The french army led by Jean la Maingre and Charles d' Albert is more a collection of arrogant Nobles than an army.
Distracted by their own bitter rivalries.
While the English army is a disciplined force led by King Henry a shrewd commander and an inspiring.
As the Sun rises on the 25th of October.
Henry moves his weary and hungry men into position knowing they are largely.
Outnumbered heavy rainfall overnight has left the newly plowed field.
Separating the two forces a certain muddy mess.
The French forces awake and take a leisurely breakfast.
Happy to wait and let disease and hunger grind down Henry's army.
Knowing this only to well Henry moves his army forward hoping to provoke the French into rash action.
Henry's gamble is successful.
Lines of unprepared French knights and Nobles push and shove amongst themselves.
Eager to engage their English counterparts.
Henry's longbowmen will be the key to defeating the French striking them down as they traverse the muddy fields.
To protect his longbowmen from cavalry Henry has ordered them to plant sharpened stakes in front of their positions.
To emerge victorius Henry must survive the upcoming battle and destroy or rout the French army before him.
Only then can he make his way home.


Battle of Agincourt AD 1415 Mediveal 2 Total War

44 タグ追加 保存
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