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  • Hello! Hey, your S4 has tons of bad reviews!

  • So i make a party to promote it! Can you smell it?

  • ... very funny "plastic" smell!

  • Uncle Sam! Faster faster! drop, drop, drop, drop!!

  • Plastic, actually is not bad!

  • Ar ha ...

  • (The telephone rings) react, react, react!

  • (Phone) Bad boy, you don't pick up the phone!

  • Finally, you answer your call, after 10 miss calls! Congratulations!

  • Come on, I want to demonstrate the S-beam!

  • The color is weird! Shuts! Watch it!

  • S-Beam! ! I know that you can only use it within the same brand.

  • Right! Even another Android phone cannot use the function!

  • Look at the Idiot, he thinks he can fly, eventually, he drops!

  • What is your "great" plan?

  • I will launch a harder plastic in next version!

  • It claim it has 16G storage, but less than 8G storage left for users.

  • They have reasons...

  • The reason is, they think we were idiots!

  • How to use that function? Sweep left, or right?

  • Forget it, a gimmick only!

  • Uncle Sam has a message for you.

  • Wait a minute ... a minute, a minute, a minute, a minute ...

  • Sun oil will hurt the phone? how's Uncle Sam?

  • He said that he need thousands of fake Facebook account to write fake reviews!

  • Him... no way!

  • Any other selling point?

  • It can be the remote control, look!

  • What? I need to buy a new TV?

  • We should change all products to this brand... so good!!

  • Do they have remote control toilet? I want to shit now!

  • Uncle Sam!

  • You ask for something better than "plastic", they can just give you another piece of "plastic"!

  • The Next "Plastic" is Here!

Hello! Hey, your S4 has tons of bad reviews!


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香港のなりすましサムスンギャラクシーS4 (香港惡搞 Samsung Galaxy S4)

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